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Sister, Sister
Sarah and Alma try to convince the constantly bickering Stilton twins to tell each other "I love you.

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Added Weight
When her friends tease her about her weight, Pepper becomes worried and goes on an unhealthy crash diet.

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The Princess
Princess Linnea and her assistant come to ride for a day at Horseland.

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Heritage Days
The Horseland gang is set to ride in a "Heritage Days" parade. But they can't decide on what sort of heritage they'll represent.

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Oh, Baby
When twin foals are born at a neighboring stable, they're brought to stay at Horseland while their sick mother gets better.

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Talk, Talk
Molly gets her first cell phone, and loves it. But can she stop chatting long enough to care for Calypso and spend time with her friends?

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No News Is Good News
Chloe and Zoey are thrilled to be able to run Horseland's Web site, but their reporting rarely sticks to the truth, and rumors are spread.

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The Last Drop
All the kids are practicing voluntary conservation to help stave off water rationing except for Chloe, which bothers Zoey.

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A Horse Named River
A revered race horse named River is coming to Horseland to recuperate from an operation.

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New Pup in Town
Bailey finds an abandoned puppy he names Cubby and brings him home to Horseland.

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A New Development
The kids are stunned to learn that a new resort is being built on land adjacent to Horseland.

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Nani Cloud, a Native American Cherokee girl, and her Paint horse, Sunburst, come to Horseland.

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The Secret
Sarah's cousin Marty comes to visit as Horseland prepares an anniversary celebration.

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Horseland was an animated series that aired on CBS between the years 2006 and 2008. The show was produced by DIC Entertainment Corporation and distributed worldwide by Israeli-American company, Cookie Jars Group. The beloved children's cartoon centers around a gigantic and picturesque equestrian stable tucked away in the mountains. Aptly named Horseland, it serves as the main hub where all the show’s action occurs. The show encompasses adventure, drama, and educational aspects that cater to the young minds of its primary audience.

The story revolves around four main human characters who spend most of their time at Horseland, taking care of their horses, practicing riding, and hanging out together. Sarah Whitney with her horse, Scarlet, Alma Rodriguez with her horse, Button, Molly Washington with her horse, Calypso, and Bailey Handler with his horse, Aztec are the main protagonists and are said to be the best of friends. These characters come from diverse cultural backgrounds, giving the show an enthusiasm for presenting children with a myriad of different cultures and perspectives.

Tamara and her horse, Tango, Will Taggert and his horse, Jimber and Zoey and Chloe Stilton with their horses, Pepper and Chili, also play integral roles in the show, contributing greatly to the plot and narrative. The Stilton sisters serve as the antagonist characters of the series, usually seen causing mischief and engaging in rivalry with the other characters.

Horseland also features talking animals, adding a fun and dynamic aspect to the story. Each horse in the stable has a unique personality, and their interactions with one another and their human companions form a substantial part of the narrative. The animals can communicate with each other, showcasing their perspectives on their human counterparts' actions and decisions. This riveting mix adds a fantastic blend to the standard storyline, making Horseland an exciting show packed with wonder and imagination.

What sets Horseland apart lies not just in its display of the captivating world of horses but also in its aspiration to impart genuine life lessons to its audience. Each episode tends to focus on a theme or value, such as friendship, honesty, loyalty, and responsibility, which the characters learn through their experiences at Horseland. The show is not just entertainment; it also subtly carries within it a moral educational viewpoint. These elements help inculcate these values in the younger audience while adding more depth and moral backbone to the storyline.

In addition to that, the show offers valuable insights into horse care, equestrian sports, and horsemanship, making it a perfect watch for horse enthusiasts and those curious about this fascinating world. Not to forget, the vivid and striking animation brings both human and animal characters to life in an endearing and relatable way.

In terms of broader themes, important concepts such as teamwork, respect for others, and sound decision-making skills frequently come up. Occasionally, we are introduced to guest characters – individuals who drop into Horseland for a ride or a contest, driving the narrative further along while shaking things up in the tranquil mountain resort.

The show features 39 episodes spread across three seasons, offering viewers a plethora of captivating and enjoyable narratives. From the adventurous horse rides in the vast and beautiful landscapes to the dramatic turn of events that strengthen the bonds between the characters, Horseland is a delightful blend of education and entertainment wrapped up in one engaging package.

In conclusion, Horseland is a narrative-rich animated series that tells stories beneath the expansive sky, amidst mountains, and in the company of magnificent horses. With its combination of offering thoughtful life lessons, celebrating diversity and providing interesting insights into horse care and equestrian sports, it endeared itself to its young audience and remains a cherished part of childhood memories.

Horseland is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 65 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.9.

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