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The Greatest Game
Finalists compete to make it to the next phase on Full Mooney and Holeywood; the round one winners battle it out in a game-changing second knockout round, where one is eliminated; the last two remaining champions face off in the final round.

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Is This Guy Weird?
"Holey Moley"'s penultimate episode, where eight contestants compete for the last spot in the finals, sees an interesting putting stance on Dutch Courage En Fuego, a loud and interesting duo on The Distractor, and Rob Riggle professing his love to Miss Piggy rom-com style. Later, Stephen Curry stops by the course to explain King Parthur's Court, where the contestants face off in a sudden-death putt-off.

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Holey Moley, It's the Muppets!
The Muppets help ring in a new season; special guest Travis Kelce.

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No Touchy-Touchy
This week on the "Holey Moley" course, a new batch of contestants attempt to break ice at the Distractor, make their mark before the curtains close at Holeywood and step over the competition at Big Foot Wedge to earn the golden putter, coveted plaid jacket and a spot in the finals. Elsewhere, Rob Riggle expresses his romantic interest in Miss Piggy, who is focused on preparing for the big final number that will save the show.

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Night of Music!
The "Holey Moley" course is alive with music as all eight mini golfers competing tonight are seasoned musicians. Teeing off on Polecano, one competitor makes a remarkable landing, while the distraction is no match for one golfer on The Distractor.

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Is That Iron Man?
This week, "Holey Moley" starts with a bang when one competitor makes an impressive hole-in-one on Dutch Courage En Fuego. Elsewhere, Travis Kelce returns to the course, dancing and causing hijinks as a super-distraction on The Distractor, which also distracts Rob Riggle from his commentating duties.

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Can You Feel The Urge?
Eight contestants joust their way to victory on King Parthur's Court, attempt to avoid a slip-up at Hole Number Two and face off in a neck-and-neck race that erupts at Polecano.

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Pepe's Ransom Plan Continues
Mini-golf lovers from around the country compete on an extreme obstacle golf course to win prizes and a trip to the finals on "Mt. Holey Moley.

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Bear, Bear, BEAR!
Eight world-class athletes dodge explosions at the a-maize-ing Corn Hole, encounter an un-bear-able surprise at The Distractor and find out feather or not they can overcome The Pecker to earn the golden putter, coveted plaid jacket and a spot in the finals.

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You're Gonna Need a Lawyer
In another high-stakes evening of mini-golf, this week's contestants compete for the golden putter, coveted plaid jacket and a spot in the finals as they cast a line at The Fishing Hole, make a splash at Polecano, have a fiery faceoff on Dutch Courage En Fuego and take a leap of faith on Big Foot Wedge. Meanwhile, Pepé the King Prawn pulls off a kidnapping of resident golf pro Stephen Curry.

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Season Premiere

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Holey Moley is an American television program produced by ABC that first aired in 2019. This sports, reality, and game show series brings an exciting, innovative twist to traditional mini-golf with a combination of over-the-top, supersized, and adventurous challenges. This series is inspired by the concept of a typical mini-golf game. However, it takes mini-golf to a whole new level, placing it on an extreme, larger-than-life, and wacky course. The creation of the course was overseen by renowned course designer, Chris Carlson, and it's built on a massive plot of land in California. Each episode in the Holey Moley competition involves twelve contestants. These competitors participate in a series of head-to-head matchups on this gargantuan and dramatic golf course. The contestants embark on an odyssey across the uniquely designed and challenging holes including a giant windmill, fire-breathing dragons, and an icy slope. The showdowns contain elements of strategy, precision, and physical comedy. The contestants undergo a multitude of unexpected and humorous trials and tribulations over the holes, which test their putting skills and physical fitness. The game involves remarkable obstacles and surprise challenges designed not only to test the players' mini-golf skills but also to add an adrenaline rush and plenty of laughs. Each episode showcases the contestants' determination, resilience, and strength as they face troublesome hurdles, unexpected distractions, and amusingly tough tasks. The Holey Moley show is not just about the sporty competition, but also about colorful commentary. The lively banter of the show's commentators adds a layer of hilarity and clever humor to the narratives of the games. They narrate the participants' highs and lows, succinctly capturing their struggles and successes, adding liveliness, charm, and laughter to the already engaging program. Three noteworthy personalities stand at the center of this unique golf show. The series is hosted by comedian, actor, and television personality Rob Riggle, and the play-by-play commentary is provided by sports broadcaster Joe Tessitore. Providing sideline commentary is Jeannie Mai, known for her role on the talk show "The Real." Their charisma and unique styles of humor provide a light-hearted atmosphere for the show. The fun doesn't end with the spectacular course or entertaining commentary. The show also pulls in celebrity appearances and guest stars adding to the excitement. Sharing golf insights and witty commentary, these celebrities add an extra layer of entertainment. These guest stars include NBA superstar Stephen Curry who is also the show’s executive producer, adding credibility to its commitment to the sport. On the line for the contestants is not just an opportunity to exhibit their mini-golf skills on a big stage, but also a chance to earn a growling lion's share of the prize — which includes the prestigious “Golden Putter” trophy, Holey Moley "plaid jacket," and a massive cash prize. The show uniquely blends the world of sports with reality TV, showcasing perseverance, providing heaps of laughter, and bringing high stakes competition to the foreground. Holey Moley's success lies in its elaborate course design, humorous and engaging commentary, adventurous challenges, and the ridiculous yet entertaining tasks faced by the competitors. As a show, Holey Moley keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entirety of the game, simultaneously causing fits of laughter through its light-hearted content, unpredictable moments, and exciting challenges. Viewers end up cheering for their favorite players as they navigate the outrageous course against incredible odds. While the show primarily caters to mini-golf enthusiasts, it's also an entertaining watch for those who enjoy reality shows in general, or viewers who enjoy a fun, family-friendly competitive sport discipline wrapped in layers of humor. The one-of-a-kind series is full of unexpected antics, surprises, and laughs, ensuring that audiences of all kinds will stay thoroughly entertained. All of these elements combined make Holey Moley a unique entrant in the world of sports competition reality television, carving a niche all its own.

Holey Moley is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 46 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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