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Episode 20
Sun Jae thinks Ji Won is dead when he doesn€™t make it to his trial. Mu Tong notices that something isn€™t right, and sends Gye Dong to find Ji Won.

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Episode 19
Swan remembers her childhood memory, and is tormented by that memory. Ji Won tells Sun Jae to say that Eun Do pulled the trigger, before he frames Sun Jae.

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Episode 18
Swan finds out that Ji Won is very ill and that he doesn€™t have much time left. Ji Won and Swan try to spend time together.

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Episode 17
Ji Won finds his father€™s corpse, and asks for a re-investigation. Eun Do tells Ji Won that he would kill the person who hid his father€™s corpse.

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Episode 16
Sun Jae tells Eun Do that the corpse of Cha Jae Wan have appeared. Ji Won writes a letter to Swan, telling her about his illness.

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Episode 15
Ji Won says that he wants to be with Swan while he still has some strength left. Sun Jae makes sarcastic comments to Ji Won about Baek Eun Do being Swan€™s father.

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Episode 14
Swan visits Ji Won and tells him that she never begged him to like her. She asks him to become Black just for one day, and Black hugs Swan.

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Episode 13
Ji Won and Ji Soo attend the emergency board meeting of Sun Woo Group. Sun Jae tells Ji Won that he cannot try to become the chairman of Sun Woo Group after all these years.

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Episode 12
Sun Jae visits Ji Won in hospital, and Ji Soo tells him to leave right away. Sun Jae tells Ji Soo to follow what he asks her to do if she doesn"™t want to put Ji Won in more trouble.

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Episode 11
Sun Jae visits Ji Won in prison. Swan tries to see Ji Won, but since only one visitor is allowed each day, she can't.

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Episode 10
Both Ji Won and Sun Jae try to find Ji Soo after getting the information that she's back in Korea. Sun Jae finds Ji Soo's phone, but she's not there anymore.

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Episode 9
Ji Won kisses Swan, and tells her that he has decided to like her even though he's a murderer. Meanwhile, Eun Do tells Ji Won that the one who killed his father is Min Sun Jae.

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Episode 8
Ji Won appears before Sun Jae as the manager of MRB's Asia-Pacific Division. Swan asks Mu Tong about why he is with Black.

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Episode 7
Ji Won takes Eun Do's secretary down and starts pressuring Sun Jae. Swan's article about Sun Woo Distribution gets published, leading gangsters to rage through her office.

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Episode 6
Eun Do and Ji Won pass by each other at the lobby of Sun Woo Group building. Eun Do and Sun Jae have another conflict regarding the matter of Ji Won's return.

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Episode 5
Ma Ri is flabbergasted that Ji Won has come back alive. Ji Won blames Sun Jae for marrying Ma Ri. Ma Ri is torn between Sun Jae and Ji Won, not knowing what to do.

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Episode 4
Ji Won decides to disappear in order to protect his sister, Ji Soo. He asks Ji Ryoon to take care of Swan.

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Episode 3
After getting injured, Ji Won visits Kaya’s house. Ji Ryoon helps both Kaya and Ji Won escape. Eun Do’s secretary asks Mu Tong about Kaya and Ji Won. Meanwhile, Sun Jae gets mad that they missed capturing Ji Won.

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Episode 2
Sun Jae tells Ji Won that Jae Wan died from drug overdose, and that they should keep it quiet. Ji Won wants to re-investigate the case since it could have been fabricated.

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Episode 1
Sun Jae gets mad at Ji Won for getting involved in Sun Jae’s father’s foolish business. Meanwhile, Ji Won visits Thailand for a training session and loses his wallet.

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Goodbye Mr. Black is a captivating South Korean television series that aired in 2016 on Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). The show is a versatile hybrid of multiple genres: It's a deft combination of drama, mystery, and revenge, flavored with narrative elements of romance, suspense, and action. Adapting to screen a manhwa, or Korean comic, of the same name from author Hwang Mi-na, the series spins a modern reiteration of The Count of Monte Cristo, crafting a unique trajectory where vengeance and redemption intermingle with uncanny precision. The narrative is primarily driven by the complex protagonist, Cha Ji-won, portrayed by Lee Jin-Wook. As a Navy SEAL and member of the Special Forces, Ji-won is earnest, courageous, and dedicated, capturing the audience’s attention from the first episode. His world takes a drastic turn when he is betrayed by his best friend and framed for a crime he didn't commit, forcing him into a life on the run. His journey to unravel the truth behind the betrayal and remake his life from scratch forms the crux of the story. Evoking empathy and revealing the intricacies of human emotions is Moon Chae-Won, who shines as Kaya, an orphan who was adopted and raised by the adopted son of a mafia boss. Kaya's complex character is an integral part of the show, and her interactions with Ji-won lend depth to both their characters. Their dynamic shifts and evolves, encompassing love, sympathy, protection, and mutual support, developing an electrifying chemistry that keeps audiences hooked. Goodbye Mr. Black is an ensemble piece with a talented supporting cast who brings the multifaceted characters to life, rounding out the narrative. The performance of the villainous characters is particularly striking, imbuing a sense of urgency and tension into the plot. Supporting storylines parallel the main narrative, contributing additional layers to the drama. Whether it's the exceptional portrayal of Min Sun-Jae, performed by Kim Kang-Woo, whose actions ignite the flame of revenge, or Yoo In-young as Yoon Ma-Ri, whose character unfolds with surprising complexity over the series, the supporting cast elevates the storytelling to thrilling heights. The makers have gone to great lengths to ensure Goodbye Mr. Black isn't limited to being ‘just another revenge drama.’ It delves deep into the themes of loyalty, friendship, love, and sacrifice, showcasing the lengths one can go in the pursuit of truth and justice. Simultaneously, it prompts viewers to ponder the true essence of revenge - does it only imply inflicting pain on those who caused it, or can it also lead to personal growth and understanding? From the bustling cityscape of Seoul to the picturesque beaches of Thailand, the series is a visual treat thanks to the stunning filming locations. The dramatic sequences, extravagant set pieces, and the gritty depiction of the protagonist's hardships, combined with the beautiful landscapes, add to the breathtaking visual storytelling. Complementing the story is a soulful and gripping OST that conveys the emotions and intensity of each scene. The soundtrack matches the tempo of the storyline, maintaining suspense and enhancing the viewers' emotional connection to the characters. This 20-episode series skillfully navigates the dramatic arc of Cha Ji-won's life, showcasing his transformation from being embroiled in a world of deception, to becoming 'Mr. Black,' the man seeking retribution. But at its heart, the series is not just about revenge. It's a gripping tale of a man's relentless pursuit of justice, his resilience in the face of adversity, and how love and companionship can offer salvation even amid chaos. Goodbye Mr. Black is a significant must-watch for enthusiasts of K-drama. It's engaging, filled with unexpected plot twists, and takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster. The show's complex characters, multi-layered plot, and impressive cinematography create a captivating visual narrative that keeps viewers hooked right up until the finale. As the mysteries unfold and as the story straddles the fine line between vengeance and forgiveness, you can't help but root for Mr. Black until the very end.

Goodbye Mr.Black is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

Lee Jin-wook, Moon Chae-Won, Kim Kang-woo
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