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What Now?
The Coterie crew says farewell as everyone takes control of their futures. A final piece of evidence against Silas is revealed as Mariana decides about her future with Evan and Joaquin.

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It's All Coming Back to Me Now
Mariana and Joaquin bring their evidence of Silas's crimes to the police. Career opportunities lead to complications for Malika, Alice, Davia and Luca.

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All These Engagements
The Coterie gathers for Callie and Jamie's engagement celebration.

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You Can't Always Get What You Want
Callie and her soon-to-be mother-in-law butt heads when she suggests throwing an engagement party for Callie and Jamie. Dennis and Davia's date night is interrupted.

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One Way or Another
Callie returns with an idea to protect Mariana. Isabella has a complicated request for Gael. Alice and Sumi wingmen for Morty on a night out. Malika grows concerned about Isaac.

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It's My Party, I Can Die if I Want To
Kelly hosts a murder-mystery bash at The Coterie; stories blur with truth as tensions come to light.

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Party of One
Dennis is nervous when a famous food critic visits Haven; Gael and Jay spend time together at the studio, deepening Gael's crush; Joaquin and Mariana piece together the loose threads of their investigation.

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Hanging by a Moment
Mariana and Evan butt heads over control of Spekulate. Gael welcomes a new studio tenant. Davia copes with her insecurities after a talented understudy joins the musical. Alice takes her new role seriously, while Malika seeks payback.

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With a Little Help From My Friends
It's opening night at Haven, and unexpected dinner guests lead to chaos in the kitchen; Malika braces herself to return to work after a setback; Evan surprises Mariana with a unique opportunity.

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I Am Doll Parts
Mariana's stress hits a breaking point. Malika welcomes Isaac to the Coterie. Dennis reels after Ranjit's betrayal, leading Davia and Alice to put their heads together.

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Opening Night
Dennis readies for Haven's launch party, but a betrayal threatens everything he's worked for. Pressure rises as Mariana and Joaquin dig for more clues about Madison's whereabouts.

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Tell Me Sweet Little Lies
With the clock ticking at Speckulate, Mariana and Evan work together to stop a takeover. Malika hustles to get the votes for her women's center proposal.

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I'll Take All the Blame
The pressure is on for Mariana to protect Evan's interests at Speckulate ― can she keep up? Gael and Jazmin find that being queer parents comes with challenges.

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Turkey for Me, Turkey for You
The Coterie celebrates Thanksgiving! Everyone's families arrive, bringing revelations, friction, and big decisions.

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Once a Cheater
Malika tries to prove she's mastered work/life balance.

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I Gotta Feeling
Mariana struggles to navigate her changed relationship with Evan. Dennis and Davia are both busy in their careers, but are they still able to make time for one another?

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Under Pressure
Mariana has a big decision to make and turns to her visiting Moms for support. Joaquin questions whether Jenna is ready to bring Silas to justice.

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About Damn Time
Mariana returns to Speckulate. Davia evaluates her next career move when a friend from her theater days resurfaces.

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It Was Not Your Fault But Mine
Callie returns to the Coterie to support Mariana in a time of crisis. Gael searches for Isabella and his baby.

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Shot in the Dark
The Coterie will be changed forever after Mariana, Evan, and Joaquin attempt to escape Silas's farm. Davia and Dennis revel in the honeymoon phase of their new relationship.

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Good Trouble is a spin-off from the critically acclaimed Freeform series, "The Fosters," which focuses on the lives of adopted siblings, Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez). The series explores their transition from a family-oriented life in San Diego to the unpredictable journey of adulthood in Los Angeles, where both sisters now reside in the communal living apartment, The Coterie. Set in a bustling and vibrant corner of LA, "Good Trouble" builds its narrative around the hurdles, struggles, and thrilling moments of the sisters' emerging adulthood. Callie, a law school graduate, pursues a job under the stern, conservative, yet fair Judge Wilson, while Mariana, a techie, strides into the male-dominated world of a tech startup. While their occupations could not be more contrasting, they find themselves united in their attempts to navigate the complications of adulthood, including friendships, romantic relationships, and career ups and downs. "Good Trouble" does an excellent job of capturing the warmth and camaraderie that exist among the diverse group of friends and colleagues in their lives. The series also features Denim Richards, Zuri Adele, Sherry Cola, and Tommy Martinez. Richards as Elijah, a fellow Coterie resident with an undeniable charisma; Adele features as Malika, a social activist for Black Lives Matter; Cola plays Alice, the comedic, self-deprecating manager of The Coterie, and Martinez portrays Gael, a passionate graphic designer. The series resembles its predecessor in its commitment to diversifying narratives about the modern world. It is unrelenting in its exploration of personal identity - whether it be racial, sexual, or gender-based. It goes beyond the surface to showcase the struggles of living in contemporary America, highlighting the issues of sexism in the professional world, systematic racism, and struggles of the LGBTQ+ community. The hard-hitting subjects blend seamlessly with the more light-hearted, entertaining aspects of the show. It leaps effortlessly back and forth between playful banter and intense courtroom dramas. "Good Trouble" tends to offer audiences pleasurable elements characteristic of more conventional, character-driven dramas while consistently maintaining a conscious social agenda. An additional captivating aspect of the series is the portrayal of The Coterie as a character within itself: an eclectic mix of people from different walks of life, housed under one roof, living in harmony but at times in friction, just like in real life. It is a charming reflection of a millennial community, teetering between the individual's need for privacy and the collective spirit of camaraderie and shared values. The Coterie resonates as a vibrant microcosm of the real world that the audience can directly identify with. Compelling performances from the ensemble cast, coupled with diverse storylines and topical themes, set "Good Trouble" apart from the common sitcom or drama. Leading the actress pool, Maia Mitchell's portrayal of Callie is raw and identifiable as she learns how to balance her drive for legal justice with the dynamics of personal relationships. Similarly, Cierra Ramirez splendidly captures Mariana’s humor and ambition as she navigates the tech world while battling the honeycomb of sexism. "Good Trouble" is an excellent show in the realm of Freeform’s programming, not shying away from hard-hitting topics. It gives its multi-dimensional characters enough time to navigate their individual journeys while contributing to the overall narrative about youth and adulthood in urban America in the 21st century.

Good Trouble is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 88 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

Cierra Ramirez, Zuri Adele, Sherry Cola
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