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Giant Barracuda
Andy Coetzee works to track down a Giant Barracuda in the murky waters of Gabon.

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The Dogtooth
Dive into the Indian Ocean to track down the infamous dogtooth tuna.

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The Nile Swallower
Angling legend Andy Coetzee heads to Central Africa in search of a leviathan--a fish that legends say can swallow a man and grow to be as heavy as a sumo wrestler. Catching a Nile perch is a fisherman's dream, but finding one could become a nightmare for Andy.

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Fishing for Giants is an adrenaline-fueled documentary-style television series that first aired on the prestigious Smithsonian Channel in 2018. This gripping series delivers its viewers to the very edge of their seats by offering an immersive fishing experience from the comfort of their own home. More than your typical fishing show, Fishing for Giants unravels the mysteries of the deep and plunges into the heart of our planet's most exotic locations to capture the apex predators of the underwater world.

The man at the helm of this aquatic adventure is reputable South African extreme angler, Andy Coetzee. Known for his fearless pursuit of the world's biggest and most elusive fish, Coetzee's passionate spirit and boundless commitment to the sport provides an enticing hook for the audience to latch onto. His charismatic yet authentic persona sparks a connection with viewers as he embarks on intense and exciting exploratory quests.

Throughout Fishing for Giants, Coetzee journeys to the farthest, least explored corners of the world. Each episode sees him head to a new location, whether it be the Congo River's treacherous currents in search of the Giant Goliath Tigerfish, the turbulent waters of the Indian Ocean's seamounts to snag a Dogtooth Tuna, or the challenging ascends through uncharted Guyana wilderness for the monstrous Arapaima. In these remote regions, he faces down some of the scariest and most gigantic fish known to mankind.

These thrill-laden fishing trips are more than just sporting adventures. The series is deeply educational, unraveling complex ecological contexts surrounding each featured marine species. The audience comes to understand the life cycles and habitats of these aquatic giants, the role they play in maintaining the balance in their specific ecosystems, and the threats they face due to climate change, pollution, and overfishing.

In this way, Fishing for Giants promotes respectful and sustainable recreational fishing. This is underlined by Coetzee's practice of the 'catch and release’ mode which ensures his fishing expeditions do not adversely impact the target species’ populations.

Fishing for Giants is effortlessly captivating because of its engaging blend of entertainment, natural beauty, and valuable ecological insights. An array of drone and underwater shots turn the spotlight on nature's stunning beauty, as does the vibrant visual detailing of the species Coetzee encounters on his journeys. Viewers are treated to gorgeous landscapes, uncultivated water bodies, and close-ups of unfamiliar marine life - a feast for the eyes that enhances the thrill and suspense weaved into each episode.

But the cinematography in Fishing for Giants does more than just offering aesthetic pleasure. It also has an intense, almost tactile way of drawing viewers closer to the action. Spectacular underwater sequences give a vivid sense of the real-time struggles and victories happening below the surface, making each fishing encounter more absorbing and dramatic for the viewers.

Crucially, this series doesn't keep its viewers at an arm's length. Instead, it invites them onboard for a ride bursting with adrenaline, knowledge, and awe-inspiring visuals. Each episode is a deep dive into an unseen underwater world, filled with bigger-than-life creatures, thought-provoking ecological insights, and the raw, magnetic charisma of Coetzee himself. It's an engaging mix that appeals to hardcore fishing enthusiasts, casual viewers, thrill-seekers, and conservationists alike.

Fishing for Giants is not just for the fishing enthusiast, but also the nature lover, the adventure seeker, and anyone who appreciates quality television that stretches the boundaries of what we know and understand about the world around us. By combining daring escapades, passionate narration, breathtaking visuals, and meaningful ecological narratives, this series truly sets a distinguished standard for engaging fishing and wildlife content. It's a thrilling trip into uncharted territories that leaves the viewers richer in knowledge, brimming with wonder, and hungry for one more episode.

In summary, Fishing for Giants is an intense, educational, and visually captivating venture into the wild, watery corners of our planet, where Andy Coetzee goes head-to-head with the aquatic behemoths which call these places home.

Fishing for Giants is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 3 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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