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Episode 83
El Chema and El Rojo receive a special delivery. El Rojo goes crazy. Nelson is captured. El Chema tells Salma that he wants to retire.

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Episode 82
El Rojo considers leaving the business. Ricardo claims responsibility for kidnapping Regina. El Chema and El Rojo order to have Blanca kidnapped.

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Episode 81
Nelson goes against Regina and her children. U.S. planes bomb El Chemas people. Selma agrees to sleep with Ponce for investigative purposes.

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Episode 80
Clark reveals that Almenar is responsible for the death of his wife. Selma tells Chema about Ponces intentions.

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Episode 79
Nelson flees with Regina. El Chema consolidates his business with help from the DEA and the CIA. Tob'as goes after El Chema. Nelson is acting strange.

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Episode 78
Ricardo offers Nelson money to kill Regina and plots to finish off El Chema with Blanca. El Rojo is frightened for Regina.

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Episode 77
El Chema convinces Philip to negotiate with him. Salma thanks el Chema for the appointment. Narvez collaborates. El Rojo wants to retire.

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Episode 76
Ponce frees Narvez and gets lynched. El Chema thinks he is the worlds best trafficker." Nelson wants to steal" Regina. El Chema confronts him.

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Episode 75
Regina doesnt believe Rojo and Chema sows the seeds of doubt: Who got rid of Ins? Narvez makes a bribe and flees.

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Episode 74
Blanca threatens the journalist who wrote negatively about Ricardo and her family. Tob'as and his son find out that Ins was killed.

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Episode 73
El Chema and his men attack Ricardo while he is meeting with Ins. The DEA and Ponce identify Martas assassin.

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Episode 72
Regina makes love to Nelson. Joaqu'n is laid to rest, and el Chema swears to exact his revenge for his death.

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Episode 71
El Chema surrounds Benito Narvez and those who protect him. Someone intervenes to stop the counterattack.

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Episode 70
Benito Narvez wants el Chema to fall into the trap while he patiently waits for Joaqu'n. Meanwhile, Nelson flirts with Regina.

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Episode 69
After losing a leg, Narvez uses Joaqu'n to exact his revenge. Meanwhile, Ponce and his men go to Sinaloa, where they are torturing el Chemas father.

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Episode 68
El Chema expands his reach to flood Central America with drugs, and now counts on the CIA and death threats against Andrews.

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Episode 67
The drug business finally makes it to the big leauges" Nelson Mart'nez swears allegiance to el Chema. Clark feels miserable because hes a killer.

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Episode 66
Nelson Mart'nez gets around the security tape and enters into Martas apartment, who is the key witness in the case against Tob'as Clark.

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Episode 65
After breaking up with Sal, Amanda looks for el Chema. A single question raises suspicions. Nelson may use an event at the racetrack as his alibi.

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Episode 64
El Chema negotiates with Nelson and Tostao in order to find out and reduce Ricardos routes in Central America.

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Episode 63
The drug enforcement agent has a witness and proof of movements that Tob'as Clark cant justify.

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Episode 62
A round table defines Ricardo Almenar as the common enemy. Imelda confronts El Chema. Fabrizio detains Clark and Marta for an inquiry.

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Episode 61
El Chema allows Ponce to live and decides to attack the corrupt leaders. Joaqu'n and Elvira are given a new chance as a couple.

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Episode 60
El Chema shoots at the army and flees. Joaqu'n confronts Ponce and is shot. El Chema looks to Central America as a new route.

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Episode 59
Everything has to be ready once war is declared. Ricardo passes information to Fabrizio Ponce, who arrives in Sinaloa to catch El Chema dead or alive.

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Episode 58
El Chema orders a ceasefire against Ricardo, who wants to continue the war. Centenos disappearance is under investigation.

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Episode 57
Colonel Centeno faces serious consequences when he is caught in bed with Blanca. El Chema grants El Rojo the honor of killing his ex-boss.

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Episode 56
Mabel decides to go to the south of Italy to leave everything behind. Centeno doesnt find El Chema but claims a different victim.

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Episode 55
El Chemas confrontation of Gary and Mabel doesnt end well. Don Ricardo asks Nelson to become his partner and infiltrate El Chemas men.

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Episode 54
The capture of el Chema is now an affair of state, but Don Ricardo now has him in his sights. The DEA works for Jos Mar'a who now eyes Mexicali.

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Episode 53
El Chema and Andrews make a pact. The DEA agent receives money in exchange for finding Roberts. El Chema is thankful for Amanda. Regina is locked up.

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Episode 52
With more equipment, el Chema gets rid of Jones and Torres and leaves Andrews alive in order to keep an ally in the DEA.

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Episode 51
El Rojo and his man set out to free el Chema. Amanda also completes her objective and distracts the DEA high command.

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Episode 50
Now that el Chema is behind bars, Amanda has a new mission: helping him escape from prison. Mabel goes to Jos Mar'as cell, but he rejects her.

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Episode 49
Severely compromised, el Chema realizes that now is the time to negotiate, but makes sure to do so with guile.

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Episode 48
In order to trap el Chema, the DEA searches for a collaborator. Amanda and Ins are happy to finally see Regina and her two daughters.

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Episode 47
Mabel falls victim to the trap and must reveal where el Chema is hiding in order to win her freedom. Ricardo goes after Ins, but she evades him.

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Episode 46
Historia basada en la vida del narcotraficante Chema Venegas, donde se relatan sus inicios en el crimen organizado, su ascenso al poder y su lucha para convertirse en el líder del cartel. Spin-off de la exitosa serie 'El Señor de los Cielos'.

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Episode 45
El Chema visits Elvira and discovers a disturbing truth. El capo prepares to clean" the zone. Regina finally speaks with Ins after four years.

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Episode 44
After a great deal of time, el Chema and Amanda make love. She wants to have children with him, although she has to keep this a secret for now.

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Episode 43
Elvira demands a death toll. The mother-son relationship is damaged, but he will always protect his mother.

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Episode 42
Elvira and Amanda hug and kiss, Don Ricardo and el Chema lock eyes. Elvira says her goodbyes to Joaqu'n.

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Episode 41
El Chema mounts a revolution in the drug business and decides to confront Don Ricardo. Torres wants to become a member of the DEA.

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Episode 40
scar Cadenas remains faithful to el Chema and Gary. Leslie tries to remove him from the business. Don Ricardo seduces Ins.

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Episode 39
Chema is occupied with their sponsor while Don Ricardo and Gary are about to betray him. This mistake could become a mortal sin.

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Episode 38
Everything started out as a game but now Mabel confesses her feelings. Jos Mar'a Venegas expands his networks and will soon start working in Miami.

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Episode 37
Mabel is willing to leave her husband but Chema cant stop thinking about the business. Cadenas turns himself in on one condition.

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Episode 36
Torres returns to the Roberts and Chema without a wire but the DEA keeps observing him. Even though his family is far away, they are still in danger.

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Episode 35
Chema and the Roberts get away with it. Mabel gets involved with Jos Mar'a Venegas. Ricardo looks for Centenos wife in the bar.

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Episode 34
Mabel calls Torres to give him information. Regina joins the team. Centeno doesnt want to see Blanca. They kidnap scar Cadenass sister.

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Episode 33
Don Ricardo makes it to the Roberts ranch where he asks for information about the DEA and confronts Rojo. Mabel helps Regina.

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Episode 32
Mabel confirms Chemas suspicion: the DEA knows about the operation. They open new routes and get rid of those in trouble to save the business.

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Episode 31
Mabel and Gary are a couple but that doesnt stop her from putting herself at Chemas disposal. Tobias and Ins suspect Regina.

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Episode 30
Chema goes to Tuscon for business. Torres, the authorities informant, meets Jos Mar'a Venegas and records everything.

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Episode 29
Alcohol brings out the worst in Don Ricardo, who succumbs to Regina. He also accuses Chema of stealing control.

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Episode 28
Chemas independence plan is almost ready. Chema takes over at the business and Don Ricardo appears weak.

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Episode 27
The big day. Amanda has a private conversation with Don Ricardo. Chema and his boss take the opportunity to do business with their competitors.

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Episode 26
On her wedding day Amanda admits that shes not in love. Elvira and Joaqu'n go on a date. Chema does a full turn and makes a pact with Don Feyo.

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Episode 25
Amanda wants a bachelorette party with Chema before marrying Sal. Things get complicated: he made Wendy return and gets involved with her daughter.

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Episode 24
Chema starts thinking about how to expand his business. He orders a tunnel to be built and puts Juan Lee in charge of half a ton of heroin.

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Episode 23
Chema lays a trap for Pas. Don Ricardo warns Chema that he wont deal with Centeno. Chema works with Juan Lee to enter the Chinese market.

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Episode 22
Rojo and his allies rescue Chema in prison. An earthquake in Mexico distracts the security guards. Don Ricardo orders them to let him escape.

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Episode 21
Don Ricardos and Centenos play is complete. Chema is arrested for Oteizas death and Wendy visits him.

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Episode 20
A high level council requires an explanation of the situation after Oteizas death. Centeno and Don Ricardo have a plan for Chema.

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Episode 19
Amanda becomes Blancas accomplice and finds out about her relationship with Centeno. She also meets Wendy, her rival.

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Episode 18
Chema defeats the Cuban narcos in Miami. Imelda offers him twice what he earns with Ricardo but he stays loyal to his boss.

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Episode 17
Chema takes Wendy away from prostitution. In Miami he meets Imelda Rosado and must give her a trophy.

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Episode 16
Sal confronts Chema and demands that he stay away from Amanda. A determined Chema gets Ricardos permission and asks for her hand.

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Episode 15
Amanda takes revenge on Chema and tells him that she and Sal are dating. Regina and Amanda get in on the plan.

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Episode 14
Chema defines his strategy for trafficking arms and undocumented immigrants. He leaves the merch with the boss.

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Episode 13
Regina is Ricardos lover but he knows that Rojo is crazy about her. They go to the bosss office and make love.

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Episode 12
Once she finds out Ricardo is her father, Amanda demands her inheritance. Elvira tells the boss that Chema has found out Amanda is his daughter.

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Episode 11
Chema receives five times what he earns and dreams of becoming leader. Ricardo knows that he wants to go out on his own.

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Episode 10
Blanca tells Elivra that Chema slept with Amanda. Ricardo threatens Tobias with revealing his support for the organization.

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Episode 9
Amanda and Chema spend the night together but he asks her to keep it a secret. He thinks hes having a fling with his bosss sister but its not true.

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Episode 8
Oteizas death shakes the narcos foundations and the basis of corruption. Ricardo doesnt trust Chemas accomplice.

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Episode 7
Chema takes the next step and uses his toy in his first murder. Amanda goes on a date with Chema in the stables.

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Episode 6
Jos Mar'a is promoted in the organization and gets a present. Oteiza is his first challenge. Elvira and Don Ricardo face off for Chemas toy.

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Episode 5
Just as he promised, El Chema tells Auristela his life story. His parents enemies, Joaqu'n and Elvira, make their presence known.

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Episode 4
Auristela and Chema both score. She gets her interview and he seduces her. The narco finds protection, more business and secret routes in Venezuela.

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Episode 3
Auristela calls Chema for an interview in Venezuela but the FBI follow the journalists tracks and capture the narco. Rutila falls for Chema.

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Episode 2
Jos Mar'a Chema" Venegas stands up to the authorities and starts a riot in the jail. After, he flees through the tunnel built just for him.

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Episode 1
The president sends Chema a message in jail. The boss orders his men to kidnap the prison directors family to delay his transfer to the USA.

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El Chema
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El Chema is an engrossing television series that aired on Telemundo from 2016-2017. Developed as an original spin-off to the popular super series "El Señor de los Cielos," El Chema is a highly charged action-drama that explores the life and exploits of one of the most infamous fictional drug traffickers in Mexican television history - José María 'El Chema' Venegas.

Vividly set against the perilous world of drug trafficking and law enforcement, the show begins by introducing viewers to Chema as a young boy. Driven by the tough circumstances of his upbringing, young Chema is thrust into the ruthless world of organized crime at an early age. The series expertly reveals how these early experiences sow the seeds for Chema's evolution into an unscrupulous and feared drug lord.

El Chema is teeming with intense drama and thrilling chases. It provides an insight into the eponymous character's foray into the seedy underbelly of drug trafficking, money laundering, and other dangerous activities which imbue his life with corruption and violence. The narrative effortlessly intertwines Chema's tumultuous professional life with his conflicted personal life, drawing viewers into a gripping tale of power and survival.

Mauricio Ochmann reprises his role from "El Señor de los Cielos" to give a powerful performance as the title character, bringing to life Chema's manipulative intelligence, audacious ambition, and ruthless determination. The multifaceted character portrays the protagonist’s relentless quest for power, wealth, and dominance in the perilous world of illicit substances. His dangerous ambition is balanced with his intriguing personal life wherein he maintains his humanity despite ongoing brushes with law enforcement and rival cartels.

The surrounding cast adds further layers to the show’s narrative, portraying a wide range of characters from hard-hitting law enforcement agents tirelessly pursuing justice, to fellow narcos each operating with their motivations and quirks, to innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire - all adding to the series’ complex narrative web.

The series distinguishes itself with robust storytelling and top-tier production quality, presenting a gritty and realistic portrait of the devastating impacts of drug trafficking in Mexico. Filled with high stakes and striking character development, El Chema delivers a sophisticated narrative that maintains suspense and drives the storyline across different arcs. The creators' keen attention to detail and dedication to authenticity resonate throughout the show, from the intricate plotlines to the painstakingly recreated settings.

Telemundo successfully uses cinematic techniques to accentuate the drama, intensify the suspense and highlight the action. The notable cinematography, compelling performances, and the dynamic combination of gripping scripts make El Chema a standout in its genre. Moreover, the portrayal of both the Mexican and American perspectives on the war on drugs adds an intriguing dichotomy to the narrative, providing a broader social context to the central storyline.

Beyond the riveting drama and intense action scenes, El Chema effectively delves into the complex socio-political reality surrounding drug trafficking. It is laced with themes of corruption, violence, loyalty, betrayal, and the incessant struggle for power, all of which contribute to the show’s gripping narrative.

Additionally, outside of the high-powered world of criminal enterprise, the series also takes time to explore the more personal aspects of Chema's life. His relationships, his struggle to balance his professional and personal life, and the glimpses of his latent humanity, provide deeper dimensions to an already complex character.

In conclusion, El Chema, with its captivating storyline, complex characters, and stellar performances, stands as an immersive, action-packed foray into the world of organized crime. It shines not just as an exploration into the life of its titular character, but also serves as a powerful reflection on the devastating impact of drug trafficking on society.

El Chema is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 84 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

Scarlet Gruber, Isela Vega, Sergio Bas
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