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Episode 7504
Leanne's horrified when she catches Nick and Tracy post-coital in the bookies. Nick tries to apologise but Leanne claims not to care.

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Episode 7503
David's feeling ashamed of himself and is on edge around Tracy. Tracy enjoys flirting with him in front of his family in the pub and when Gail steps in to fend her off she takes huge delight in announcing what happened last night.

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Episode 6980
New Year's Eve Neither Steve, Lloyd nor Eileen want to work on New Year's Eve so they close the cab office. Jason arranges to meet Molly in the Rovers.

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Episode 6979
Lloyd pulls away from Liz as Danielle approaches. Liz is hurt thinking he's embarrassed to be seen with her.

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Episode 7241
It's New Year's Eve and Rosie's in her hot pants and rollers skates as she gets ready for work. Sally looks a million dollars and Kevin tells her she's beautiful.

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Episode 7240
Liz is having trouble selling tickets for New Year's Eve. Steve's unimpressed. Kevin tells Bill about Sally's breast cancer. Molly asks Kevin if they can still be together once Sally's recovered. Kevin's non-committal. Bill calls round to see Sally. She realises Kevin's told him about her cancer but he assures her he won't tell the girls. Rosie asks Graeme's opinion on the size of her boobs. Graeme's speechless. Becky reads nursery rhymes to Amy. She tells Steve how Claire makes her feel totally inadequate when it comes to looking after children. Nick tells Gail that she's accepting too little for the house and should pull out of the sale. Joe's sweating, desperate for the cash. David tells Gail how Audrey only invited Nick to stay in the hope he wouldn't like Joe and would scupper her wedding plans. Gail's furious with Audrey. Blanche lets slip to Peter that Ken's organising a petition opposing his bar. Peter's angry and tells Ken his baby-sitting services won't be required on New Year's Eve after all. Bill finds Kevin alone in the garage obviously upset. Kevin confesses he's been having an affair with Molly. Nick leaves for Nottingham but promises to return for Gail and Joe's wedding. Bill's furious with Kevin and tells him to pack the tart in and get back to his family where he belongs. Kevin's ashamed.

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Episode 7239
Tyrone sings along to the karaoke machine which gets on Molly's nerves. Becky finds herself press-ganged into going for a walk with Claire and the kids.

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Episode 6975
Christmas Day - hour long special Tony and Carla exchange Christmas presents. He gives her the negligee he used to strangle Jed.

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Episode 6974
Jed tells Emily and Norris that he's come into some money and should soon be out of their hair. Norris is pleased.

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Episode 6973
Peter swears he'll give up the drink and wants to be a decent father to Simon. He agrees to let Simon stay with Ken and Deirdre until he's sorted himself out.

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Episode 6972
Deirdre tells Leanne how Simon cried all night wanting his teddy. The police tell Maria there's no evidence against Tony and they won't be bringing any charges.

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Episode 7233
Hayley calls a meeting of the factory girls and persuades them cut Carla a bit of slack and give her a chance. Audrey and Norris arrive at the Weatherfield Traders' Association Christmas party.

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Episode 6970
Simon tells Peter he's going to be the inn-keeper in the school nativity play. Peter promises he'll turn up to watch.

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Episode 7231
Kevin finds out that Tony's hitman Jimmy is the same guy who stole half his clients and tried to put him out of business. Michelle's suspicions of Carla grow.

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Episode 7230
Carla admits to the police that Tony told her he was responsible for Liam's murder but she makes out she didn't believe him. Dev's feeling sorry for himself since Bernie blew him out.

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Episode 6967
Carla wonders what she did with her mobile. Tony says she must have lost it knowing full well he stole it.

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Episode 7228
Tony tells Carla that Jimmy's still alive. Carla's shocked and disgusted with Tony for letting her believe she'd killed Jimmy just to save his own skin.

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Episode 6965
Molly arrives home in a state having spent the night crying. Michelle's finding it impossible to talk to Steve who snaps at her for the slightest thing.

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Episode 7226
Simon tells Peter and Leanne about the row between his two granddads. Ken moans to Deirdre and Blanche about George and how he's spoiling Simon but Deirdre has little sympathy.

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Episode 6963
A row breaks out on the street between the Windasses and the Platts. Gail finds out how David ripped their kitchen out and how they stole hers in return.

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Episode 6962
Darryl packs his things and tells Teresa to do the same as the new tenants are due at No.6. Teresa sends Darryl out to get her some fags and while he's gone she barricades herself into the house. Molly clocks Tyrone chatting to Minnie. Molly's quietly jealous. The new tenants, the Windasses arrive at No.6 ready to move in. Darryl begs Teresa to come out of the house but she refuses to budge.

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Episode 6961
Maria's in turmoil wondering why Tony went ahead and married Carla if he knew she was having an affair with Liam. Darryl gets a call from Jerry to say he's let the house.

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Episode 7222
Kevin insists Rosie retracts her statement and apologises to Fiz and John. Steve lies to Becky and tells her that he called off the golfing bet with Dev.

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Episode 7221
Sally's confident that John will soon be back in prison. Rosie masks her discomfort when Kevin tells her to be prepared to go to court.

Watch Coronation Street 2010 Season 12 Episode 2 Now

Episode 7220
Bill comes to Rosie's aid as she continues to scream for help. She tells Bill that John tried to grab her.

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Coronation Street 2010 is in essence the continuation of the venerable ITV soap opera Coronation Street, whose narrative began in 1960. For more than half a century, the heart-rending, humorous, and dramatic tales of life in a small northern British town have captivated viewers. Now embedded in British cultural psyche, the show, often affectionately referred to as Corrie by its loyal fanbase, has become something of a national treasure.

As 2010 version of the tale unfolds, we remain firmly centered on the Coronation Street terraced houses and the various establishments of Weatherfield, the fictional town in Greater Manchester, where the series is set. The street has always been a microcosm of working-class life in Britain, a stage where the daily banalities of life become gripping and addictive plot-lines. This iteration of the show stays true to those roots and continues to explore both everyday concerns like love, friendship, and financial struggles, as well as more shocking and intense issues.

Throughout the episodes aired in 2010, the Coronation Street community finds itself confronted with a series of trials and tribulations. The unique concoction of human stories, presented with a typical blend of gritty realism and warm-hearted humor, is the lifeblood of the 2010 narrative. The characters, many familiar, some new, embody the spirit of resilience and community characteristic of this close-knit urban neighborhood.

The show maintains its signature soap-opera approach, skillfully using cliffhangers and plot twists to keep audiences invested in the everyday happenings on Coronation Street. Following tradition, the series continues to explore important social and cultural themes relevant to the era. For instance, the trials of aging, coping with illness, and navigating the turbulent waters of love, betrayal, and insecurity are examined with sensitivity and depth.

In 2010, both old and new faces populate the screen, providing continuity and fresh perspective. As always, each character carries their own distinctive charm, whether it's their endearing eccentricities, their heart-warming generosity, their passionate love lives, or their darker, complex aspects. Not to forget, the soap's humor retains its enduring appeal, with the local pub, The Rovers Return Inn, remaining a central spot for comical banter, gossip, and community gatherings.

One would be remiss not to acknowledge the skillful and seasoned performances that bring the characters of Coronation Street to life. The actors’ convincing interpretations and portrayals create a believable world that mirrors the real complexities and unpredictability of life, allowing viewers to resonate with the diverse narratives.

Like all good soaps, Coronation Street 2010 does not shy away from the darker and more challenging side of life. It takes on heavy-hitting topics and serious storylines that create tension and unfold in dramatic climaxes. The year 2010, in particular, is no exception, and the scriptwriters take viewers on an intense emotional roller-coaster ride with several heart-wrenching and shocking events, always with the element of surprise that is a hallmark of the genre.

It is noteworthy, however, that Coronation Street has always been known for its balance of drama with warm-hearted humor. In 2010, this balance impressively maintained, with light-hearted scenes and dry wit providing necessary relief from intense plotlines. This blend of the mundane, the dramatic, and the comic gives Coronation Street its unique flavor.

From the perspective of production, the series retains its classic look while embracing subtle modern filming techniques. The production team skillfully manages to blend the timeless charm of Coronation Street with elements of contemporary visual and narrative styles.

In conclusion, Coronation Street 2010 is a well-produced and endearingly presented slice of British life, continuing the rich legacy of a timeless soap opera. It’s a must-watch for both the loyal fans and those looking to understand the socio-cultural canvas of British society. This series offers a doorway into the intimate dramas of a working-class neighborhood, drawing audiences into a world of relatable characters, familial ties, friendships, conflicts, love, and loss, all framed by the lens of everyday reality.

Coronation Street 2010 is a series categorized as a . Spanning 12 seasons with a total of 275 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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