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The Story of 420
Dave and Jerry embark on a trip across the country to find what makes "420" so special. Tommy Chong (of Cheech & Chong) guest stars.

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Car Robber Sunnyvale
Jerry and Dave are threatened by a disgruntled actor.

Watch Code Monkeys Season 2 Episode 12 Now

Dave's Day Off
The staff inspires a notable filmmaker.

Watch Code Monkeys Season 2 Episode 11 Now

The Great Recession
In the wake of a great recession, the staff seeks out new jobs.

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Benny's Birthday
As Benny is kicked out on his 7th birthday, Todd's brother Chris shows up.

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Trouble in the Middle East
An evil dictator has Dave and Todd kidnapped, just one step in his plot for world domination.

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Drunken Office Party
After a bad showing at a company party, Jerry attempts to make amends with everyone.

Watch Code Monkeys Season 2 Episode 7 Now

Dean in Charge
The GameAVision staff suffers when Dean is put in charge of running the company.

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The Kid Is Mine
Dave helps Michael Jackson create a special video game for his new album.

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Valley of the Silicon Dolls
When GameAVision attempts to compete with Lettuce Patch Dolls, it accidentally creates a monster.

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Dave Gets Boobs
Dave gets tired of paying to see boobs and decides to get a pair of his own.

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My Pal Jodie
Dave goes on trial when one of his games leads to the attempted assassination of the president.

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Psychological Problems
The GameAVision staff must pass psychological evaluations in order to keep their insurance.

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Code Monkeys pays homage to the era of 8-bit gaming, featuring classic video game themes and a unique, pixelated visual style directly inspired by the games of yesteryears. Initially aired on G4 from 2007 to 2008, the show is an animated comedy series that masterfully intersects tech humor and absurdist comedy, presenting a hilarious and frequently insane perspective of the early days of video game industry.

Created by Adam de la Peña, Code Monkeys unfolds within the entrepreneurial realm of GameaVision, a fictional game development company. The storyline manifests primarily through the antics of its principal characters, Dave and Jerry. Dave, with his downright ludicrous approach to virtually every situation, comes across as an unapologetically instinctual and mischievous coder. In contrast, Jerry is the comparatively sensible and meticulous one of the duo, who somehow manages to keep things functioning amidst the comparatively chaotic nature of their workplace.

Code Monkeys brings the unconventional world of the '80s video game scene to the fore, laden with a healthy dose of nostalgia and a captivatingly fresh presentation style. The narrative incorporates real-life references to gaming history evoking an era where Frogger, Pac-Man, and Q-Bert reigned supreme. Notably, it also uses for its storytelling the health bar concept, which was a staple in gaming during the '80s, effectively used as a comedic means to mark the build-up of an episode's action or spiral of events.

The showboat of humor extends beyond the main characters and seeps into an ensemble cast of eccentric side characters, each more wacky than the last. This includes a tech-averse boss with a penchant for get-rich-quick schemes, an in-house ninja for any required covert operations, a tea-drinking ape for sanity's sake, and a host of others with their individual quirks that lend to its overall surrealistic charm.

Just as the pixelated graphics and upbeat, synthesized music draw on the aesthetics of classic video games, so does the program's narrative structure. Each episode of Code Monkeys typically begins with an appropriately stylized title screen and ends with a score tally up, channeling the episodic nature of classic games where every new stage offers new challenges and hijinks for our protagonists.

Beyond its comedic and nostalgic appeal, Code Monkeys also offers social commentary, broaching subjects like corporate malfeasance, gender inequality, and the often-quirky behavior of the technological community. It playfully delves into these topics within the ambit of a maximally entertaining framework.

Several guest stars and illustrious personalities also make their appearances on the show, including the creator of Apple Computers, Steve Wozniak, who voices his own character in one of the episodes. Code Monkeys also satirically imagines what other renowned personalities from the gaming industry might look like transposed into this chaotic and comedic realm.

In essence, Code Monkeys sits at the fascinating intersection of comedy, '80s nostalgia, and the captivating appeal of video gaming folklore. Its unique approach unfolds stories that are silly, surreal, and quite humorous at times, making it an enjoyable watch for those with a lean towards tech, gaming, comedy, or all three. The show is nostalgic yet innovative, comical yet poignant, and most importantly, it generates an unmistakable charm that leaves viewers genuinely entertained amidst well-timed punchlines and a retro aesthetic.

As such, the program represents a colorful and amusing homage to the early days of the video gaming and computing industry, a tribute to an era that has profoundly shaped present-day pop culture and enormously influenced the technological landscape. In its humor-filled reverie down memory lane, Code Monkeys has captured a peculiar slice of entertainment history - one where the famously pixelated visuals and quirky characters make for a nostalgic, comical, and often whimsically bizarre viewing experience.

Code Monkeys is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 2007. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

Dana Snyder, Lionel Tubbins, Andy Sipes, Suzanne Keilly, Matt Mariska, Gretchen McNeil
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