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Time Enough For Love
Ayato has returned to see Haruka...for the last time. He has become a God and now must battle Quon, who has also obtained the form of a God, in one last battle. The winner will create the world of their choosing. As Haruka and Megumi watch the battle begin from afar, Haruka feels lost. Megumi helps her sister by telling Haruka that she always wanted to be as strong as her. With her strength restored, Haruka commandeers a jet and flies high into the sky to see Ayato one final time.

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Deus Ex Machina
Ayato and Haruka have expressed their love for one another, just as they did fifteen years ago before the world was changed forever. With the woman he loves waiting for him to return, Ayato, with the Bähbem Foundation watching, steps into the RahXephon and begins his transformation into a deity.

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Twin Music
In his last act, Commander Jin Kunugi destroyed the Dolem linked with Colonel Kuki by creating a barrier around Nirai-Kinai similar to the one that had enclosed Tōkyō. Inside the barrier, there is only one person now alive on the evacuated island: Ayato Kamina, who, having been summoned by Reika Mishima, is inside the white egg.

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Where The Sweet Bird Song
Makoto Isshiki's operation has succeeded in destroying the barrier around Tōkyō. Unfortunately, the barrier not been created by the Mu.

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Operation Jupiter Obliteration - Downfall
Ayato has a face-to-face encounter with Mishima who reveals her true purpose for showing herself. Isshiki and TERRA initiate their plan to take down the Tokyo Jupiter barrier, but the results endanger the world.

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Good Bye My Friend
Makoto Isshiki commences preparations for Operation Down Fall, which will destroy the Mulian's barrier over Tōkyō. To ensure the operation's success, Isshiki visits Ayato to make sure that the RahXephon pilot will stay loyal to his keepers.

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Interested Parties
Ayato has destroyed a Dolem who, unbeknownst to Ayato, had actually been linked with Hiroko, which caused her death. Just when he felt like he knew what he piloted the RahXephon for, his world is once again turned upside down.

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Ticket To Nowhere
Ayato and Hiroko leave Tōkyō followed by Elvy and Haruka in the Vermillion. While TERRA and the Vermillion search for Ayato, the instrumentalist and his friend, who is seeing the rest of the world for the first time in her life, make their way to Kagoshima.

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The Memory Of A Lost City
Accompanied by Elvy, Haruka visits the middle school where she first fell in love with Ayato so many years ago. Meanwhile, Hiroko's encounter with Ayato for the first time in a month has left her visibly shaken.

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Ground Zero
Ayato has decided to return to Tōkyō. Quon, who is a Mulian like Ayato, will be returning with him.

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The Moon Princess
Ayato, having learned for the first time since he left the protective barrier of Tōkyō Jupiter that he is a Mulian, has become distraught by the news. Now, without his knowledge, those in power have decided to move past Ayato and focus on Quon's talents.

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Child Hood's End
Fifteen years ago, three children are put through music training in a large mansion. The Master, who will choose one of the three to be his successor, will decide their role in what is to come.

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Time After Time
A shake-up at the base takes place when the corporate interests use their influence to take charge of Quon. A new Terra weapon, The Vermillion, debuts.

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Sleeping Beauty
Haruka begins a clandestine search for records pertaining to Quon Kisaragi, the first person to exhibit signs of the Mu phase. Meanwhile, Itsuki and Makoto begin to make preparations for the arrival of a visitor from the Federation just as a new Dolem appears in orbit.

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The Dolem that trapped Ayato in a mindscape has had an adverse effect on Quon: She suffered intense pain when Ayato was swallowed up by the Dolem and is now in a coma. Ayato's experiences within the mindscape have made him doubtful about his place outside of Tōkyō.

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When Ayato intercepts the latest Dolem, the large mecha encapsulates the RahXephon within itself, causing Ayato a large amount of pain. As TERRA looks on helplessly, the large Dolem swallows up Ayato and the RahXephon.

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War In The remembrance
Ayato's RahXephon and Elvy's fighter squadron successfully put down the most recent Dolem attack. Afterwards, a brief respite from battling the Mu allows the people of Nirai-Kinai and the rest of the world to honour those who died in the Great Mu War.

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Jouji Futagami begins to research the history of Nirai Island and comes across some information on a small shrine where it is said that two girls were reverse spirited away. As he examines his information, Sayoko Nanamori does some research of her own on the Observer: Makoto Isshiki.

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The Dreaming Stone
A crystal that Kisaragi has given to Sayoko has some adverse effects, and it's not just on her either.

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Phantom In The Cloud
A man calling himself an "observer," Makoto Isshiki, is brought in to join with TERRA, but his true purpose seems rather questionable.

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Lost Songs Forgotten Melodies
Fourteen years ago, a Mulian Dolem destroyed 8 cities on the continent of Australia. For TERRA Lieutenant Kim Hotal, the fight against the Mu is personal.

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On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Using the RahXephon, Ayato has defeated a large Dolem, which had attacked TERRA's sea fortress, the Lilia Litvyak. While everyone is very grateful for his efforts, Ayato cannot forget that if the RahXephon had not sensed his danger and rescued him, he would not have escaped the cell where he had been imprisoned by TERRA.

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Watch the year hand
Haruka Shitou, the woman who has shown Ayato that Tōkyō is not the last city on earth, is a member of TERRA, an organisation whose sole purpose is to destroy the Mulians, a race of blue-blooded humans who have encapsulated Tōkyō within a huge sphere whose outside appearance resembles the planet Jupiter. Taken from Tōkyō Jupiter, Ayato is put aboard TERRA's main sea fortress for questioning.

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Welcome to our town
Ayato has discovered the shocking truth: his mother has blue blood. The RahXephon destroys another Dolem and creates a passage from Tokyo to the outside.

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Ayato and the girl named Reika Mishima, the girl who looks exactly like the one from his painting, discovered the ruins of Old Tōkyō. There, they located a large white egg in the centre of a circular waterfall.

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Ayato Kamina begins his day by staring longingly at a painting he has produced of a woman in a yellow dress. The woman stands on a rocky outcropping stretching out over a world of confusion.

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RahXephon is a captivating Japanese anime series that aired on G4 in 2002. The show gracefully combines elements of action, drama, romance, and mecha, and it is presented from the perspective of a teenage boy who finds himself thrust into a battle that will decide the course of humanity's future. It interweaves a complex narrative filled with mythical symbolism together with ground-shattering mecha action, which has made it a beloved title among anime aficionados.

The story centers around 17-year-old Ayato Kamina, who lives in a Tokyo that is sealed off from the outside world by a mysterious barrier known as the Tokyo Jupiter. One day, in the midst of an attack by otherworldly entities known as Mu, Ayato stumbles upon a humanoid mecha named RahXephon. Unbeknownst to him, this encounter will irrevocably alter the course of his life, marking the beginning of a journey that will take him beyond the isolating walls of Tokyo and into a larger-scale conflict that spans time and space.

RahXephon's plot is a many-layered tapestry that packs intrigue, mystery, and emotion, offering an intricate plotline which gradually unfolds to reveal deep-seated conspiracies and parallel realities. It also delves into the thematic exploration of philosophical questions about identity, the nature of reality, and the power of music, thereby transcending the limits of a traditional mecha show.

The mecha, or 'robots,' in RahXephon are a far cry from the conventional mechs found in similar genre anime. They are not only presented with an elegant and unique aesthetic but they also serve a significant role within the story's narrative and thematic context. RahXephon, Ayato's mecha, is deeply linked to the mysteries of the series. Its battles are brilliantly orchestrated, favoring strategic engagements over mindless action, with Ayato often having to unravel the complexities of his opponents, adding a unique layer of depth to every conflict.

The inclusion of music as a central theme in RahXephon gives the series an extra layer of depth, with numerous musical references peppered throughout the series and the concept of harmonics playing a major role within the narrative. The music not only encapsulates the mood of the series beautifully but also has a compelling impact on the unfolding storyline, adding an element of mystique and fascination to the show.

The animation quality of RahXephon is of superior standard, blending surrealism with realism to create visually distinctive, elegant, and memorable scenes. The art style is pleasingly varied, with its characters designed with an artistic flair that makes the series visually appealing.

Ayato, the protagonist, is a well-crafted character whose growth and development are meticulously portrayed throughout the series. He begins as a confused, yet curious teenager and gradually evolves, wrestling with complex emotions and making determined choices as he seeks to understand his identity and his role in the world around him. The supporting characters are skillfully developed too, each contributing valuable elements to the plot and providing different perspectives on the ongoing events.

RahXephon is an anime that rewards patience, with many of its intricate plotlines and questions only fully comprehensible towards the show's conclusion. Its narrative is filled with steady revelations that gradually piece together the show's intricate puzzle, creating a rich tapestry of storytelling that never fails to engage the viewer throughout its run.

However, RahXephon is not just a complex narrative filled with deep themes and plot twists. Amidst all the large-scale action and complicated timelines, it also skillfully incorporates elements of human drama, interweaving threads of friendships, love, and personal sacrifices that provide a much-needed grounding to this surreal reality.

In conclusion, RahXephon is a unique blend of action, drama, romance, and mecha that offers a breath-taking journey through a well-crafted, complex narrative. With its thought-provoking themes, impressive character development, and meticulously designed visual and sound landscapes, RahXephon stands out as a remarkable anime that delivers an ultimately satisfying and memorable viewing experience.

RahXephon is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 27 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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How can I watch RahXephon online? RahXephon is available on G4 with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch RahXephon on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

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