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Series 2 Episode 6: Age Ain't Nothing But a Number
Tracey finds out Cynthia has lost her virginity and makes a big decision while pursuing Remi, a hot guy from her book club

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Series 2 Episode 5: Road Trip
Tracey becomes infatuated with Aaron's dad on a trip to the country. At home, Cynthia starts discovering herself and others...

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Series 2 Episode 4: Orlando
Tracey finds a four legged friend, while Mandy makes Esther an online dating profile that sees her assume a new identity

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Series 2 Episode 3: I Just Need Some Company
Tracey's confidence is wobbly. She wants some male company - someone who thinks she's attractive - and cousin Boy Tracy has a plan

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Series 2 Episode 2: Replacements
Tracey's mum sets her some challenging tests before she can move back into the family home, meantime Tracey is busy replacing Connor and Candice

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Series 2 Episode 1: WTF Happened?
Tracey returns to the Pensbourne Estate but she's rejected by both Candice and Joy, and things aren't as easy as she would like

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Chewing Gum is a British television sitcom which aired on E4 between 2015 and 2017. Not just an average comedy show, Chewing Gum demonstrates a hilarious, unabashed, and refreshingly honest narrative revolving around the life and endeavours of a young girl coming to terms with herself and her community. The series indomitably retained its bold spirit and risqué humour, offering viewers a colourful depiction of contemporary British society and culture. It was heralded by critics for its distinctive narrative, fresh humour, and its ability to tackle social issues with a light-hearted yet profound touch.

The creator and lead actress of Chewing Gum, Michaela Coel, showcases an adeptness in compelling storytelling as she introduces viewers to the world of Tracey Gordon, a 24-year-old religious, Beyoncé-obsessed virgin who delivers her misadventures with infectious charisma and humour. Beyond Tracey's pursuit of love and sexual exploration, the talent of the script lies in its apt portrayal of a socio-cultural landscape that escapes the elegant, touristic allure of London, instead embracing colourful, gritty realism.

Based in the fictional East London council estate of Tower Hamlets, Tracey is compelled by a journey of self-discovery; she loves her family and faith, but also clings onto the possibility of experiencing 'more' from life – with both funny and touching implications. The series chronicles her eccentric experiences, missteps, and encounters, which are deftly highlighted with absurdity, warmth, and frankness that make for engaging storytelling.

Chewing Gum is commendable for its raw, honest portrayal of London life and the struggles of a young adult trying to find herself in a world that often presents clashing ideals. It delves into topics like sexuality and religion with a unique blend of candidness and sensitivity, offering viewers comedy interlaced with intriguing realities. The show conveys a deeper narrative about social preconceptions, norms, and conflicts, all seen from the perspective of a naive yet valiant young woman.

Moreover, Chewing Gum stands out with Michaela Coel’s physical comedy, her ability to sponge off embarrassment and convert it into laughter, and her potency to breathe life into a character who is both remarkably original and universally relatable. Tracey’s quirks, high-octane energy, and childlike, wide-eyed enthusiasm create both a lovable character and a vessel through which Coel explores more serious issues with deftness and artistry.

The show also admirably carries a powerful representation of a multicultural society with inherent diversity, blurred class lines, and a bevy of eccentric characters. This group of non-conforming, lovably flawed individuals all feature in Tracey's day-to-day life, creating an unforgettable comic tableau. Each character: from Tracey’s ultra-religious sister and stiff-upper lip boyfriend to her best friend and trash-talking, wayward mother have their fair share of quirks; however, they’re not merely comic props. They have depth and a larger purpose in the narrative, lending an insightful commentary on societal expectations and limitations.

In addition to its humour, the series lends itself to poignant moments, subtle social commentaries, and thought-provoking themes. Coel's brilliant scriptwriting and exceptional acting, along with an equally talented supporting cast, present an offbeat and fiercely bold drama that leaves audiences laughing, cringing, and reflecting all at once.

Clearly, Chewing Gum is more than an amusing snapshot of a young woman’s adventures. It's a vibrant, whimsical, yet insightful exploration of growing up, discovering oneself, and questioning societal norms, all set against the backdrop of a distinctive urban neighbourhood. The show ultimately succeeds in being startlingly frank, witty, and entertaining, while maintaining a steady, meaningful discourse on the more serious underlying issues of identity, culture, societal norms, and adulthood.

In conclusion, Chewing Gum with its unique storytelling style, delightful humour, and innovative approach, marked a significant turning point in British television comedy. The show's audacious narrative and its ability to draw comedy from reality, along with its pertinent social observations, made it not only an enjoyable watch, but also an important commentary on the struggles and triumphs frequently experienced by young adults in a diverse, modern society.

Chewing Gum is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 18 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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How can I watch Chewing Gum online? Chewing Gum is available on E4 with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Chewing Gum on demand at Amazon online.

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