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Episode 8
Hard-working Vanessa runs her own company, cleaning apartments. She's turned a blind eye to everything in her time, from sex parties to murder scenes.

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Episode 7
After a hot, wild night, Aiden and Frank find themselves making their way across Manchester the next morning. As two strangers, they find themselves facing the ultimate, awful gay truth: Frank just isn't good looking enough!

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Episode 6
Amy's got a date with policewoman Kay - but the tension means that Amy's OCD is running out of control! She battles to separate the chaos in her head from the date with a woman she's really beginning to like.

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Episode 5
Josh is a gay student in Manchester, having a fine old time, falling in love with the enigmatic Freddie Baxter. But when Josh is called home for his best friend Sophie's wedding, he wonders if he's outgrown his old mates.

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Episode 4
Helen has to get tough with her ex, Eddie, but her birthday turns into a disaster when Eddie takes revenge.

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Episode 3
A couple of lives collide after Sian meets wild-at-heart Violet.

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Episode 2
After Scotty sees Yvonne, it's love at first sight but it soon turns into an obsession as Scotty's life spirals completely out of control.

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Episode 1
Dean has everything he wants but no matter how fast he runs, his problems continue to catch up with him.

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Banana is a cutting-edge British television drama series, first aired in 2015, on E4 channel, and features an ensemble cast of talented actors that include renowned names such as Fisayo Akinade, Freddie Fox, Vincent Franklin, Georgia Henshaw, and Hannah John-Kamen. An audacious exploration of love, sexuality, and human connection, Banana is a reflection of the vibrant, diverse, and intriguing world we live in, presented comprising eight standalone episodes.

While each episode of this drama anthology is a distinct, self-contained narrative, what binds all the installments together is their setting, the intricate woven tapestry of relationships, and the overarching universe shared with another Russell T Davies' series, Cucumber and Tofu. The episodes spotlight the lives of individual characters, each navigating their unique journey in the complex world of modern love, addressing a spectrum of experiences that range from exciting to disheartening and courageous to tumultuous.

One of Banana's strength lies in its representation and relatability. With an abundance of well-rounded, endearing, and diverse characters where the series soars is in its genuine portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community. The narratives are masterfully crafted to explore the everyday realities, trials, triumphs, and the rich interpersonal dynamics within this community without falling into the trap of stereotyping or sensationalism.

Character portrayals like the young lesbian Scotty, played by Georgia Henshaw, who is battling internal demons, to identify and acknowledge her identity. Or the charming yet complex tale of Dean, portrayed by Fisayo Akinade, as he strides through life, love, and friendships in the bustling cityscape. Or an intriguing story of the teacher Francesca, played immaculately by Hannah John-Kamen, and navigating her personal, professional lives while trying to balance societal norms and her aspirations. Every episode casts a light on the intricacies of life, love, and sexuality in today's world.

A particularly stand-out element of Banana is the show's vibrant and dynamic artistic direction. From its engaging script writing to its emotive performance, the series appeals to both the cognitive and emotional faculties of the viewer. Episodes swing between comedy and drama, the common thread being their raw, unfiltered, and poignant portrayal of human feelings and predicaments.

Banana's talented cast seamlessly immerses us into the story-worlds. Fisayo Akinade's performance as Dean is heartwarming and resonates with a youthful charm, while Freddie Fox's portrayal of Freddie Baxter imbues his complex character with tremendous unease and passion. Similarly, other actors like Vincent Franklin, Hannah John-Kamen, and Georgia Henshaw, enhance the layers of the narrative with their nuanced performances.

The series is not just about the characters' personal stories. Instead, it subtly draws a vivid, significant societal panorama of the 21st Century in the backdrop. It takes on stereotypes, prejudices, bigotry, and open explorations of contemporary relationships, sexual fluidity, and identity issues, making it all the more raw, real, and progressive.

The series begins with a youthful vibe and gradually evolves into eloquently matured narratives that deal with aging, regrets, morality, and resilience of spirit. Therefore, every person who has ever grappled with identity, societal pressuring, unrequited love, or the basic human urge to love and to be loved, will find something to relate to in Banana.

As a drama anthology, Banana imbibes hopes, dreams, and the magic of mundane-ness, compellingly encapsulating the poetic paradox that humanity often is. Also, the keen sense of inclusivity and exploration of the universal human condition rendered through specific scenarios make Banana a must-watch series.

In conclusion, Russell T Davies' Banana is a brave, bold, beautiful, and inclusive drama series interspersing tales that reflect the diversity of society and cheers the human spirit's strength and courage in pursuing authenticity. Its exploration of vibrant characters navigating the highs and lows of romantic entanglement, self-discovery, and societal attitudes makes it one of the most poignant, relatable, and direct dramas to have graced British television. By threading together a colorful patchwork of human experiences, it leaves viewers entertained, moved, and enlightened.

Banana is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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