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Episode 6
Host Cat Deeley is joined by Harold Perrineau & daughter Wynter, Brooke Burke & daughter Rain & Penn Jillette & son Zolten.

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Episode 5
Contestants include professional beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings and her son Joey, TV host Mario Lopez and his daughter Gia and singer Christina Milian with her daughter Violet.

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Episode 4
Contestants include singer Joey Fatone and his daughter Kloey, TV personality Phaedra Parks and her son Ayden and former professional football player Greg Jennings with his daughter Alea.

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Episode 3
Contestants include former professional basketball player Kenny Smith and his son Malloy, actress Nicole Sullivan and her son Beckett and actor Gilles Marini with his daughter Juliana.

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Episode 2
Contestants include former professional baseball player David Ross and his son Cole, actress Teri Polo and her daughter Bayley and singer Howie Dorough with his son James.

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Episode 1
Contestants include Todd and Grayson Chrisley; Marissa Jaret and Zev Winokur; Chad and Cha'iel Johnson.

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Big Star Little Star is a celebrity-focused trivia game show that debuted in 2013 on USA Network. The show offers an engaging and delightful platform where stars and their children engage in a series of challenges to raise funds for charities of their choice. Hosted by the charismatic Cat Deeley, the show is not just entertaining but also provides viewers with a unique glimpse into the off-screen life of their favorite stars, offering a more humanizing and relatable take on celebrities.

The format of Big Star Little Star is designed as a fun and captivating three round trivia competition that squares off three celebrity families against each other. Each team, composed of a famous parent and their child, competes with one another to showcase their knowledge about each other. The answers to the questions asked are not scripted, pull from personal experiences, and often create moments of hilarity as they showcase how well these celebrity parents know their children, and vice versa.

Each episode of Big Star Little Star is filled with light-hearted moments and impassioned competition, as the parents struggle to decode their children's often whimsical and unpredictable answers, keeping viewers on their toes and judging their own predictive talents. The end of each episode sees one celebrity duo winning a donation for a charity of their choosing, making it a tale of benevolence and public-spiritedness while the audience gets insight into the causes close to the hearts of the featured celebrities.

What sets Big Star Little Star apart from typical game shows is how it highlights the special bond between parents and children. Its informal setting allows spotlight on natural and candid interactions between the celebrity guests and their kids. It breaks the facade of 'celebrity' to show them as parents, partners in puzzles seems, and exposes a side of the stars' life that is usually out of public’s eye. It also offers the viewers a chance to witness the impromptu witticisms and childish charm that the celebrity kids bring to the screen. The result is an entertaining mix of candid revelations, funny anecdotes, and ‘aww’ moments that keep the viewers hooked from beginning to end.

Host Cat Deeley, best known for presenting 'So You Think You Can Dance', brings her welcoming and warm demeanor to Big Star Little Star. Deeley has a knack for creating a comfortable atmosphere for both her celebrity guests and viewers at home. Her engaging banter, spontaneous reactions, and ability to put the guests at ease helps to infuse the show with a fun and friendly vibe. Deeley’s charming handling of the young participants also serves as an element of delight to the audience as her reactions often mirror their own.

From fun facts about celebrity parents to astonishing revelations from star kids, every episode of Big Star Little Star is brimming with moments of laughter, embarrassment, and undeniable amusement. But the real charm lies in how the host, the stars, and their children work in synchronization to create an experience that is heartwarming, fun, and relatable for viewers, whilst also promoting charity work and public service.

Big Star Little Star is not just a game show — it's an interesting crossover where pop culture meets family game night. It encourages celebrating familial relationships and allows a peek into the off-camera lives of celebrities. It brings together an exceptional format and an engaging host to create a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience, making Big Star Little Star a must-watch for fans who are charmed by the luminous world of celebrities and those who just love a good game show.

While the star-studded aspect is the main attraction of the show, the audience can firmly relate to the personal, humorous, and sometimes frustratingly hilarious interaction between parents and kids. And as a bonus, the viewers also get the satisfaction of knowing that they have indirectly contributed to a good cause, making Big Star Little Star not just an entertaining show but a wholesomely heartening experience.

Big Star Little Star is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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