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Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer

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Mojave Magnum/Greatest Hits
Big Red returns to the paved 1.5 mile speed track to defends its title; a look back at the best moments from Big Red's past, outtakes and never before seen footage.

Watch Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer Season 1 Episode 8 Now

Bonneville Salt Flats Land Speed Racing
Big Red gets ready to take on the legendary salt flats and try to break the record of 246 mph on the 5 mile straight line course.

Watch Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer Season 1 Episode 7 Now

SCTA El Mirage Land Speed Racing
Big Red enters the world of land speed racing at the birthplace of hot rodding on the west coast.

Watch Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer Season 1 Episode 6 Now

Mojave Mile
Big Red travels to a Flying Mile event closer to home. The team struggle over a 5-year span to break the 220 mph barrier that has eluded them in these events.

Watch Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer Season 1 Episode 5 Now

Virginia City Hillclimb
Big Red takes on a hillclimb challenge race from Virginia City, Nevada.

Watch Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer Season 1 Episode 4 Now

The Texas Mile
RJ and Big Red take on a new kind of speed contest, the Flying Mile; Larry and Dave struggle to get the new ``Monster Motor'' ready.

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VARA Big Bore Bash
RJ and the crew take Big Red out to their home track, WillowSprings International Raceway, and go fender to fender in vintage auto racing against muscle cars of the 60's.

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Silver State Classic Challenge (Pilot)
Big Red revisits the race that made it famous. Driver RJ Gottlieb is joined by original copilot Joe Pettitt, as they take on the great American road race.

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'Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer' is an electrifying and adrenaline-pumping series that aired on NBCSN in 2015. Seeping with a spirit of true Americana, the show exudes a passionate love for automotive engineering and high-speed racing. Combining suspense, excitement, and heart-pounding moments, 'Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer' offers a thrilling experience that fans of racing and cars wouldn't want to miss.

The series centers around the captivating world of underground racing and highlights the legendary 'Big Red,' which is a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. 'Big Red' holds a mythical status in the motorsport folklore of the United States. Layered with a rich history, the Camaro is a proud embodiment of roaring American muscle cars. It's not just its striking fire-engine red paint job that grabs attention, but what truly sets 'Big Red' apart is its uncompromising performance and the heart-stopping speed that it effortlessly clocks.

The car's owner, Dan Farr, together with his son RJ, support the engine's raw power and speed with tactical precision and sheer driving excellence. The series follows their relentless pursuit of speed, paving their legacy one race at a time. Throughout the series, the audience gets to delve into numerous gripping adventures and challenges that the duo confronts in their quest to remain dominant in the unforgiving world of high stakes racing.

One of the series' strong points is its depiction of the camaraderie among the team members and the immense team spirit they share. The relationship between Dan and his son RJ is one of the core aspects of the series, showing viewers that 'Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer' is as much about the bond between the team as it is about the thrill of the race.

The intense preparation that goes into each race also forms an integral part of the storyline. Right from selecting the best and most efficient parts, re-tuning the engine for optimum performance, taking care of the slightest hiccups that 'Big Red' faces, to diligent testing before every race, the series highlights the tireless work and detailed-oriented nuances of race preparation.

Moreover, 'Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer' shows that racing is not only about going fast. It is about tactically outsmarting opponents and cleverly navigating treacherous turns at high speed. The Farrs' superior driving techniques and strategic play are masterfully weaved into the narrative, offering the audience a thrilling ride from the driver's seat.

Every episode is a whirlwind of wild races, nail-biting moments, heartening team interactions, and glimpses of the punishing yet rewarding path to glory. The series also is laden with interviews from the team, drivers, and loyal fans, providing an in-depth look into what makes 'Big Red' an unceasing legend.

The viewers also get a chance to explore the car's past triumphs and challenges. They get to uncover 'Big Red’s' journey through various races, including legendary ones such as Silver State Classic Challenge, Mojave Mile, and Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, dissecting how 'Big Red' has evolved and adapted over the years to stay on top of its game.

The series also revels in capturing the high-octane, tire-burning, smoke-filled drama of outlaw racing. The rumble of engines, the raw speed, and the gritty determination of the racers all contribute to the series’ high energy and suspenseful atmosphere.

The backdrop of the series is as impressive as the story itself. Occasional shots of the breath-taking American landscape provide a captivating contrast to the loud, clamoring world of racing. The open countryside highways, desolate deserts, and rocky mountainous terrains are more than just the settings for the races; they serve as a testament to the indomitable spirit of 'Big Red.'

'Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer' strikes a satisfying balance between an insightful behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of professional high-speed racing and a heartening exploration of team spirit and camaraderie. It stands out due to its unique portrayal of a legendary race car and those who dedicate their lives to keeping its legacy alive. The series would appeal not just to automotive enthusiasts or racing fans, but also to anyone drawn to tales of ambition, perseverance, and triumph on the less-traveled path.

Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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