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Ben in Rome Part 2: The Bee's Knees
On vacation in Rome Gwen takes Team Tennyson on a self-guided tour of the many ancient sites but when a distracted Ben accidentally stumbles upon Queen Bee's monumental heist the hero must work together with his family if he is to save the city from being sacked for the first time in centuries!

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Ben in Rome Part 1: A Slice of Life
Team Tennyson's quest for the best pizza in Rome leads them to the Bugg Brothers and their latest culinary caper complete with stolen recipes kidnapped chefs shrunken landmarks and a high-speed chase around the Eternal City.

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Chicken in Chichen Itza Part 2: The Wages of Fear
Team Tennyson help transport a caged Quetzalcoatl through the Yucatan jungle only to encounter a saboteur La Grange who hijacks the precious cargo and leads our heroes on a high-octane off-road chase!

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Chicken in Chichen Itza Part 1: Pyramid Scheme
Team Tennyson visits the monuments of Chichen Itza but when Ben learns about the possible existence of a mythical creature the Quetzalcoatl the hero takes it upon himself to find the feathered serpent himself.

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Ben 10 is an animated series produced by Cartoon Network that aired from 2005 until 2008. The show follows the thrilling and often amusing adventures of Ben Tennyson, a young, charismatic 10-year-old boy who comes across a mysterious alien device, the Omnitrix, while on vacation with his cousin Gwen and his stodgy yet sentimental grandfather Max. This gadget attaches itself irremovably to Ben and has the capability of transforming him into a variety of alien creatures from all corners of the universe, each with unique superpowers and distinct characteristics. Ben’s initial mishaps while he tries to understand the Omnitrix and the transformations it provides him are an essential part of the series. In time, he improves his skills and gradually learns to use the Omnitrix, making the central part of the show focused on his remarkable ability to transform into fantastical extraterrestrial species. In the beginning, he can access ten different aliens - hence the title "Ben 10" - but eventually that number grows. Each alien represents a distinct species with specific abilities, strengths and weaknesses, which often serve to deepen the narrative as Ben learns to navigate their power and apply it productively. However, Ben doesn’t only use the Omnitrix for fun and personal pleasure, but also to battle a wide-array of alarming and sometimes malicious alien creatures and human villains alongside his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max. Gwen, who is portrayed as analytical and responsible, provides an excellent foil to Ben’s disposition and throughout the series becomes skilled in the mystical arts. Grandpa Max holds his own secrets, skills, and links to the alien world which further the plot. Together, they unite as a formidable team, always ready to thwart evil and injustice. The series is a wonderful mix of comedy, action, and pseudo-science fiction that blend together to create critically engaging content for children and young adolescents alike. The show continually presents various themes such as friendship, family, responsibility, adolescence, and sacrifice subtly, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons it has garnered continually positive reviews. Exploring unique episodes and dynamic plotlines, each with its own threats and challenges that test and develop Ben's character, skills, and morals, the show has an essence of authenticity. Along his journey, Ben not only deals with the villains always eager to get their hands on his powerful Omnitrix, but also navigates personal and social problems typical of a 10-year old child, which strikes a chord with its young audience, making the show relatable. What sets Ben 10 apart is not only the uniquely creative alien characters and exciting adventures, but also the character development of Ben himself. As viewers, we get to watch him slowly morph from a somewhat self-centered boy to someone who comprehends the enormity of the power he holds and how he can utilize it for the greater good. Visually, the show boasts notable animated graphics, inviting viewers into a universe teeming with vibrant and distinctive alien species. The musical score helps to heighten the excitement of intergalactic battles while also setting the tone for the broad range of other scenes interspersed in each episode. Ben 10 successfully established a franchise that has formed spin-offs, sequels, and even live-action adaptations due to its popularity. The charming concept of the average boy receiving extraordinary powers captured the imagination of millions around the world making this one of Cartoon Network’s iconic mega-hits. At its core, Ben 10 is about a child grappling with adult-sized responsibilities in an unpredictable universe, all the while trying to live his life as a boy. It is this unique blend of elements that have ensured the show's success and proof of this is witnessed in is enduring popularity.

Ben 10 is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 15 seasons with a total of 268 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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