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Zen Dog is a 2016 indie film that explores the meaning of life through an introspective journey of spiritual self-discovery. Written and directed by Rick Darge, it features a talented cast including Kyle Gallner, Adam Herschman, and Celia Diane. The movie follows a struggling LA-based writer named Mud (Kyle Gallner), whose life has hit a dead-end after the loss of his father. Seeking a way to escape his mundane existence, Mud embarks on a journey to find answers to life's most profound questions. During his travels, he discovers a mysterious deck of cards that guide his journey towards self-realization. Along the way, he meets a spiritual guide (Adam Herschman) who helps him navigate his path and explore the boundaries of reality. The movie expertly uses surreal visual sequences and thought-provoking dialogue to challenge the viewer's assumptions about everyday life. As Mud delves deeper into his exploratory journey, he begins to question his assumptions about what is real and what is not. One memorable scene features Mud stepping off a cliff, hurtling towards certain death. However, instead of falling, he is suddenly transported back to where he began, with a deeper appreciation for the beauty of life. This and other similar scenes invite viewers to contemplate their place in the universe and what they can do to create a more meaningful existence. Throughout the movie, Mud grapples with the concept of destiny, free will, and the nature of consciousness. He confronts the limitations of the human experience and questions whether he can truly escape the confines of his own mind. His journey provides a unique take on the traditional hero’s journey that highlights the importance of self-discovery in finding one's place in society. The acting performances in Zen Dog are noteworthy, particularly that of Kyle Gallner, who delivers a nuanced and believable portrayal of a man seeking answers to the deeper questions of life. Additionally, Adam Herschman's performance as the spiritual guide is passionate and emotive. Overall, Zen Dog is an intriguing and thought-provoking movie that challenges viewers to rethink their assumptions about life. Its powerful message of self-discovery and transcendence offers a unique and refreshing take on the spiritual journey. Anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of the nature of life and what it means to be human will find Zen Dog a transcendent and rewarding experience.

Zen Dog is a Drama movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 98. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly positive reviews, with an IMDb score of 8.6..

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Rick Darge
Kyle Gallner, Adam Herschman, Celia Diane, Clea DuVall, Korrina Rico
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