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You'll Never Get Rich is a charming romantic comedy from 1941 that stars the iconic dancing duo of Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth. The film opens with Astaire performing with his troupe, which is struggling to find work. He is approached by an Army officer who asks Astaire to put together a show to raise funds for the war effort. Astaire is hesitant at first, but when he meets the officer's beautiful wife, played by Hayworth, he agrees to take on the project.

Astaire and his team start rehearsing for the show, which they plan to perform at a military base. Hayworth joins the group as a soloist, and Astaire is immediately smitten with her. The two have an undeniable chemistry, and they start to fall in love during the course of the rehearsals.

However, everything is not as it seems. Hayworth is not only married but is also a spy for the Axis powers. She is tasked with stealing a secret codebook from Astaire's military base, and she plans to use her relationship with him to do it. Meanwhile, Astaire's boss, played by Robert Benchley, discovers the plan and decides to stop Hayworth before it's too late.

The film is filled with catchy musical numbers, including the hit song "Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye," which was a popular tune of the time. The dance scenes are stunning, especially the ones involving Astaire and Hayworth, who are both at the top of their game. The chemistry between the two stars is palpable, and their flirtatious banter is highly entertaining.

The supporting cast is also excellent, with Robert Benchley stealing many scenes as Astaire's befuddled boss. He provides plenty of comic relief throughout the film and has some of the funniest lines. There are also plenty of other memorable characters, including the lovestruck Private Jones, who is played by Frank Orth.

One of the standout scenes in the film is the rehearsal of the show's big number, which involves Astaire and Hayworth dancing the tango. The dance is sensual and seductive, and it's clear that the two stars are completely in sync. The choreography is top-notch, and the music is memorable. It's a scene that is sure to have audiences tapping their feet and humming along.

You'll Never Get Rich is not only a great romantic comedy but also a snapshot of what life was like during World War II. The film highlights the importance of supporting the military and the sacrifices that families had to make during the war. It also shows the power of love and how it can conquer all, even in the face of danger and subterfuge.

Overall, You'll Never Get Rich is a classic Hollywood film that still holds up today. It's a must-see for fans of romantic comedies, musicals, and classic cinema in general. Astaire and Hayworth are at their best, and the film provides plenty of entertainment and laughs. It's a true gem of a movie and a testament to the talent of the actors and crew who made it.

You'll Never Get Rich is a Comedy, Music, Romance movie released in 1941. It has a runtime of 88 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7..

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