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Vampyre Nation [True Bloodthirst], a science-fiction horror movie set in the intriguing backdrop of a dystopian future, was released in 2012. Directed by Todor "Tosho"B Chapkanov, the stellar cast includes British actor Andrew Lee Potts, the Icelandic talent Heida Reed, and Spanish actress Claudia Bassols, who seamlessly mold themselves into their complex characters.

The plot unveils itself in the year 2019 in Bucharest. This world arrives, not with the anticipated rush of advanced technology, but with a spine-chilling twist. The planet is now overrun by vampires, terrifyingly real, and startlingly dominant. However, these are not your classic, folklore-inspired vampires; instead, they bear an uncanny resemblance to the humans they once were. This blending of populations leads to a disturbing imbalance in the societal ecosystem, setting the stage for the plot's enthralling development.

Vampyre Nation subverts the usual tropes associated with this genre. Vampires, unlike in traditional horror flicks, are not hiding in the shadows. They coexist with humanity thanks to a synthetic substitute for human blood, eliminating their need for human victims. The vampires are integrated socially, politically, and economically, presenting an unsettling 'new normal.'

Laws have changed to accommodate the existence of these bloodsucking entities that roam free amongst the living. Additionally, they are policed by an organization called the "Vampire Sanitation Team." The team, led by a tough-as-nails character named Detective Derricks (Andrew Lee Potts), is responsible for maintaining order and ensuring vampires' adherence to the new world order.

However, the line between peace and chaos is often thin, and an emerging conspiracy threatens to blow the seemingly placid dystopia wide open. A series of grisly murders sets the events in motion, leading Detective Derricks on a relentless journey to uncover the truth. As the tale gains momentum, Derricks finds himself caught in a twisted web of betrayals, secrets, and blood ties.

Assisting him in his investigation is a mysterious woman named Katya (Claudia Bassols), a scientifically-modified half-human, half-vampire. Katya's character adds an additional layer of intrigue to the plot. She helps Detective Derricks sift through the intricate labyrinth of deceit swirling around the murderous spree. Complicating matters further, Derricks has to contend with his estranged brother Johnny, perfectly executed by Neil Jackson, who was converted into a vampire, thus stretching their relationship to its limits.

The Icelandic actress Heida Reed portrays the strong and capable Dr. Stenson, a vampire of authority within the vampire administration. Her role is pivotal in the events that transpire, and her character grows intricate webs around the plot, keeping the viewers guessing her true intentions.

Todor Chapkanov has dived deep into the horror genre with this film but gives it a unique spin by merging it with sci-fi and noir elements. The result is an artful medley of mystery, action, and gothic horror served in an atmospheric dish of futuristic Bucharest. The film's oversight of the line between monsters and humans throws open the philosophical question of morality in a world where human lives are not at the apex of the food chain.

The movie also deserves credit for its cinematography and special effects, providing a visually engaging experience for the viewers. The lighting and detail-oriented set design contribute towards creating heavy, tense, and bleak atmosphere appropriate for the narrative.

The performances of the lead cast, particularly Potts, Reed, and Bassols, do justice to the complex characters they portray. Each character is layered and carries significant weight within the storyline. Potts' performance as the brooding detective Derricks is laudable for his mastery of the contradictions of his character.

Vampyre Nation offers you more than the average vampire movie with its fresh take on tested themes and concepts. As opposed to relying solely on the fear of the unknown, the film proposes a world wherein the unknown is our reality. Can humanity adapt, or will fear and chaos prevail? As the narrative skillfully blends the ferocity of vampires with underlying suspense and the daunting gloom of a dystopian society, the viewers are left to ponder their version of the 'new normal.'

In conclusion, Vampyre Nation [True Bloodthirst] is a captivating blend of horror, mystery, and sci-fi. With its unique portrayal of vampires, riveting plot, and solid performances, it caters to lovers of multiple genres. Its exploration of the vampire-human dynamic within a dystopian backdrop is bound to leave you reeling long after the end credits roll.

Vampyre Nation [True Bloodthirst] is a Action, Horror, Science Fiction movie released in 2014. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.1..

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