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Trog, a captivating, unique, and intriguing feature film, was released in 1970. The film was directed by Freddie Francis and boasts a star-studded cast that includes Hollywood heavyweight Joan Crawford, with Michael Gough and Bernard Kay providing sturdy support. The movie combines elements of horror, sci-fi, and drama, creating a gripping narrative that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats.

Trog marks Crawford's career's twilight, a departure from her earlier role as a glamorous lead actress, transitioning her skill to a slightly unconventional yet riveting role. Crawford, a capable and seasoned performer, effectively uses her acting prowess to breathe life into her character, Dr. Brockton, an anthropologist whose life changes dramatically following an encounter with a unique creature.

Dr. Brockton is headquartered in the quaint and tranquil British countryside, where she heads a team of ambitious and curious researchers. The team's routine life takes an unexpected turn when they stumble upon a fresh lead that promises to be exciting and mysterious - a potential missing link in the human evolution chain, a creature they're soon to name "Trog" as an abbreviation of the term 'Troglodyte'.

Discovered in a cave, Trog, as the beast is named, is interestingly not a modern-day monster, rather a specimen that dates back to the prehistoric ages. Its appearance is bizarre and terrifying, thereby providing the necessary horror element, but Trog's actions and responses indicate a higher degree of cognitive function that does not align with the primitive beasts known from the prehistoric era. This dichotomy forms the central theme of the film, invoking deeper considerations about humanity's origins and progression.

Crawford, as Dr. Brockton, is deeply intrigued by Trog's existence. Instead of perceiving him as mere horror, Dr. Brockton sees the potential for an unprecedented scientific breakthrough, a chance to reveal tantalizing secrets about human evolution. Her scientific curiosity and determination to seek the truth about Trog's existence result in a series of captivating and tense exchanges that unravel throughout the film, revealing the dualistic aspects of science and fear of the unknown.

By the side of Dr. Brockton, Michael Gough and Bernard Kay, two pivotal characters of the story, shape the narrative in different directions. Gough plays Sam Murdock, a property developer who becomes the primary antagonist, while Kay plays Inspector Greenham, providing a moral compass and common-sense voice within the brilliant but abstract world of academia.

Murdock, driven by his fears, greed, and prejudice, presents an increasingly dangerous threat to Trog and humanity's understanding of its history. His character is designed to generate drama and pose a contrast to the enlightened perspective offered by Dr. Brockton. This tension between ignorance versus knowledge threads through the narrative.

Inspector Greenham, on the other hand, symbolizes law and order and finds himself in the middle of a strange situation that challenges his resolve and understanding of the world. He forms a bridge between Brockton's academia and Murdock's world run by fear and greed.

The movie Trog is successful in creating a captivating fusion of horror and science fiction while also providing viewers plenty to contemplate regarding human origins and evolution. Its narrative is not just a string of horror moments meant to shock the audience but a thought-provoking plot interspersed with poignant philosophical and scientific considerations. Fans of Joan Crawford will find her performance in a unique role both fascinating and enjoyable, while lovers of classic horror and sci-fi are sure to find Trog an interesting addition to the genre.

Trog is a Horror, Science Fiction movie released in 1970. It has a runtime of 93 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.0..

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