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Toomorrow from 1970 is an innovative combination of science fiction and musical genres. Directed by Val Guest, produced by the legendary Don Kirshner, and featuring the breakout performance of Olivia Newton-John, this movie interweaves the power of music with the interstellar. Ahead of its time, Toomorrow, while not widely known or distributed, became something of a cult classic due to its quirky concept and early showcasing of Newton-John's remarkable talent.

The story starts off by introducing the characters of Vic Cooper, Benny Thomas, and Karl Chambers. Chambers, portrayed by Karl Chambers himself, is a drummer still in college. Benny Thomas, played by Benny Thomas, is the forthcoming and humorous bass player, while Vic Cooper, enacted by Vic Cooper, is the introverted and intellectual keyboardist. The group is in search of a vocalist and that’s where Olivia Newton-John comes in, her character known as Olivia. She is a sweet and light-hearted Australian student studying in England who fulfills the void in the band with her ravishing voice and amicable personality.

Meanwhile, the film artfully throws us into the middle of an interstellar crisis, wherein a benevolent alien race desperately needs the otherworldly power of music to save their dying civilization. They send a representative to the earth to scout the musical talent that can create the unique, life-sustaining sound they need—a sound referred to as the 'tonal orientation'—which their computers have computed to be produced only once every few hundred years.

This is where our band, now named 'Toomorrow', comes into the greater cosmic perspective. As they hone their musical performances, they unknowingly generate the very sound that the alien civilization requires for survival. On discovering this, the aliens contrive a plan to bring the band aboard their spaceship. The plot thickens as the lives of Toomorrow get entwined with this intergalactic rescue mission, filled with strangeness, wonder, and plentiful musical numbers.

Throughout the film, Guest surprises the audience with whimsical humor, anchoring the outrageousness of the cosmic crisis within the mundane life on earth. The heavy use of 1970s aesthetic—especially in costume and set design—lays a concrete nostalgic feeling of a bygone era. The film’s cinematography fuses vivid colors and sci-fi themes, resulting in scenes that are both surreal and oddly intimate.

In her first major role, Olivia Newton-John shines not just for her vocal talent but also for her naturalness in front of the camera. Her comfort-level and charisma light up the screen, hinting at the stardom she would achieve later. The rest of the cast, which includes real-life musicians Benny Thomas, Vic Cooper, and Karl Chambers, layer the film with an authenticity that enhances the music-driven narrative. The film features unique tunes, blending pop, rock, and even elements of funk—a testament to the band’s musical diversity. The soundtrack weaves through the film flawlessly, accentuating scenes with emotional landscapes and driving the story forward.

Toomorrow traverses the space between science fiction and musical drama, creating a delightful bridge featuring quirky character interactions, a gentle sprinkling of humor, and a unique take on the power of music. It boasts of an engaging storyline, interesting character arcs, and a fascinating blend of music and alien life.

Critics may argue that the film’s concept was too abstract for its time, yet for those who enjoy a blend of the imaginative, the eccentric, and the musically inclined, Toomorrow is a jewel ripe for the picking. Its enchanting storyline and compelling characters make for an inherently entertaining watch, with standout performances from a band that was, for a brief moment in time, at the center of the universe.

In essence, Toomorrow is a film that celebrates creativity, imagines the unimaginable, and presents a slice of 1970's pop culture. Through its exploration of music as an otherworldly force, it remains a film that continues to fascinate audiences who stumble upon it. As a portrayal of the extraordinary happening amongst the ordinary, Toomorrow adds a cosmic dimension to the musical genre and remains a significant part of Olivia Newton-John's illustrious career.

Toomorrow is a Comedy, Science Fiction, Music movie released in 1970. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.2..

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