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The Secret of My Success is a classic comedy film from the 1980s that perfectly captures the zeitgeist of its era while exploring the themes of ambition, resilience, and the quintessential American dream. The film, directed by Herbert Ross, features a brilliant performance by Michael J. Fox, with significant contributions from Helen Slater and Richard Jordan.

At the core of the film is Michael J. Fox, who stars as Brantley Foster, an ambitious young man from Kansas. Brantley has been conditioned by his upbringing to believe that success lies in the concrete jungle of New York City where he hopes to thrive in finance and climb up the corporate ladder. However, upon arrival, his grand dreams are quickly thwarted when the job he was promised in corporate business disappears, due to a hostile takeover.

Undeterred by this setback, Brantley does not return to Kansas. Instead, he decides to stay in New York and tries to make a living with a series of odd jobs. This leads to him working in the mailroom of Pemrose Corporation, the same company that held his original job. It’s here that his adventure truly begins as he decides to impersonate an executive and live a dual life.

Despite the initial success of his facade, Brantley gets caught in a complex web of corporate politics, conflicting identities and romantic affairs. This is where key characters like Christy Wills, played by Helen Slater, and Howard Prescot, played by Richard Jordan, come into play.

Helen Slater as Christy, a sharp, smart, and charismatic financial wizard bound for success, is a beacon of light and an unexpected ally for Brantley. Richard Jordan as Howard Prescot, the egotistical corporate tycoon and de facto villain, adds depth and dynamism to the story. Both these characters, alongside a slew of other memorable figures, afford both comedy and drama to the narrative, perpetuating a suspenseful and engaging atmosphere.

The Secret of My Success is not just a light-hearted comedy about a young man trying to fake it till he makes it. Instead, it’s a commentary on social mobility, ambition, and the lengths one might go to achieve their dreams. It relies heavily on the charm and charisma of Michael J. Fox, a trademark of 80s cinema. Fox, with his boyish charm and infectious energy, offers a fine balance of wit, determination, and vulnerability, making Brantley Foster relatable and endearing. His comedic timing, paired with his ability to portray immense emotional depth, makes for an engaging viewing experience.

The film subtly addresses the hustle culture and the extreme competitiveness of the corporate world while introducing elements of romance and friendships. It offers a hilarious look at corporate life through Brantley's outrageous exploits and critical maneuvers, providing an entertaining balance of humor and life lessons.

Visually, The Secret of My Success offers a tantalizing treat, capturing the essence of New York City in the 1980s, from the bustling streets to the art-deco aesthetic of corporate buildings. The cinematography underscores the glitz and glamour associated with the city, enhancing the viewing experience. Musically, the film is a tribute to 80s pop culture, replete with a soundtrack that delivers catchy tunes and iconic songs that will have viewers tapping their foot and reminiscing.

In essence, The Secret of My Success offers a rich blend of comedy, romance, and drama centered around the dream of success in a corporate world. With stellar performances, particularly from Michael J. Fox, the film remains not just humorous and inspiring but culturally significant, capturing a unique era of American business and society. This classic 80s gem is sure to captivate audiences with its perfect balance of humor, heart, and nostalgia.

The Secret of My Success is a Comedy movie released in 1987. It has a runtime of 111 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 36.

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