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The Purple Mask is a swashbuckling adventure film from 1955 directed by H. Bruce Humberstone and starring Tony Curtis, Colleen Miller, and Gene Barry.

Set in 18th-century France, the film follows the exploits of Rene de Traviere (Tony Curtis), a dashing outlaw who adopts the disguise of the "Purple Mask" in order to evade capture by the authorities. Rene is a skilled swordsman and thief, and he uses his talents to steal from the rich and give to the poor.

When the corrupt Duke of Lavalle (Paul Cavanagh) orders his soldiers to capture Rene, the bandit is forced to flee to the countryside. There, he meets the beautiful Jeanette (Colleen Miller), a peasant girl who is being forced to marry the repugnant tax collector Pagnol (Douglas Wilmer). Rene decides to help Jeanette escape from her fate, and the two begin a perilous journey together.

Along the way, they encounter another outlaw, the suave and handsome Armand de Treville (Gene Barry). Armand is also seeking to overthrow the corrupt Duke of Lavalle and restore justice to the land. Initially, Rene and Armand are suspicious of each other, but they eventually team up to take down the Duke's army.

The Purple Mask is a classic adventure film with plenty of action, romance, and swashbuckling heroics. Tony Curtis is charming and charismatic as the roguish Rene, and he brings plenty of energy and flair to the role. Colleen Miller is lovely as Jeanette, and she and Curtis have great chemistry together. Gene Barry is also excellent as Armand, bringing a suave sophistication to the role that perfectly complements Curtis's more rough-and-tumble persona.

The film's action scenes are well-staged and thrilling, with plenty of sword fights, horseback chases, and daring stunts. The cinematography is also quite impressive, with beautiful landscapes and atmospheric lighting adding to the film's sense of romance and adventure.

Overall, The Purple Mask is a fun and entertaining movie that is sure to delight fans of classic adventure films. With its colorful characters, thrilling action sequences, and sweeping romance, it is a perfect example of Hollywood's Golden Age of swashbuckling epics.

The Purple Mask is a Adventure movie released in 1955. It has a runtime of 82. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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