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The Pain of Others is a documentary film from 2018, directed by Penny Lane. The movie explores the world of people who have mysteriously developed a condition where they believe they have insects or fibers living beneath their skin. This condition is known as Morgellons, and it is not officially recognized by the medical community. The film takes a deep dive into the experiences of several individuals who suffer from Morgellons, as well as the online community that has emerged around it.

The movie begins with a series of disturbing images of people picking at their skin, zooming in on their hands as they pluck out fibers and specks. Then the film cuts to a group of women sitting around a table, discussing their symptoms and experiences. These women have all been diagnosed with Morgellons, and they gather regularly to share stories and support each other. They describe the sensation of bugs crawling under their skin, the pain and discomfort that comes with it, and the social isolation they feel as a result.

As the movie progresses, we meet more individuals with Morgellons. Some of them are hesitant to share their experiences on camera, but those who do offer harrowing accounts of their lives. We see one woman covering her face with a sheet because she is too ashamed to show her skin. Another woman describes how her husband left her because he couldn't handle her illness. These personal stories are interwoven with footage of Morgellons sufferers posting on online forums and sharing photos of their symptoms.

Through the film, we see a clear divide between the medical community, which dismisses Morgellons as a delusional disorder, and the sufferers themselves, who are convinced that there is a physical cause to their symptoms. The film features interviews with doctors and researchers who offer their perspectives on the condition, but ultimately it is the voices of the Morgellons sufferers that are heard the loudest. They describe how they have been brushed off by doctors, told that their symptoms are all in their heads. They show us the evidence of their condition in the form of tiny fibers that they have extracted from their skin.

One of the most fascinating aspects of The Pain of Others is the way it explores the online community that has formed around Morgellons. We see how people from all over the world connect through forums and Facebook groups, sharing advice and support for dealing with their illness. Because Morgellons is not recognized as a legitimate condition, these online communities provide a sense of validation for the sufferers. They are not alone in their experiences, and they can find empathy and understanding from people who are going through the same thing.

The film also touches on the question of why so many people seem to be developing this condition. Some theories suggest that it is related to exposure to certain chemicals or to the use of cell phones and wifi. Others believe that it is a manifestation of anxiety or depression. The film doesn't try to provide any definitive answers, but it raises important questions about the relationship between our bodies and the environment we live in.

Overall, The Pain of Others is a powerful exploration of a little-understood condition and the people who suffer from it. It is a compassionate and thought-provoking film that raises important questions about the way we approach illness and health in our society. By giving a voice to the people who have been dismissed and ignored by the medical establishment, the film invites us to consider how we can better support those who are struggling with chronic illness.

The Pain of Others is a Documentary movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 71 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.2..

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