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The Grey Fox is a Canadian biographical western movie released in 1982. It narrates the life of Bill Miner, a legendary stagecoach bandit who later converts into a train robber after he is released from San Quentin Prison. The movie showcases the transformation of the main character and his extraordinary exploits that make Bill Miner a central figure of an essential narrative. The movie, directed by renowned filmmaker Philip Borsos, starred Richard Farnsworth, decorated with an Academy Award nomination for his excellent performance in this masterpiece. Co-stars include Jackie Burroughs and Ken Pogue, who bring equally compelling performances.

The tale begins with the release of Bill Miner, played by Richard Farnsworth, from San Quentin after serving 33 years for his stagecoach robberies in the 19-century 'wild west'. Finding it difficult to adapt to the significant changes he encounters upon his release, Bill realizes he might not fit into an increasingly industrialized society rather than the wild west he knew.

Miner moves to Washington state to live a peaceful life with his sister but struggles to wholesome life's normality. This internal struggle culminates when he sees Edwin S. Porter's film "The Great Train Robbery," inspiring him to revert to his old proclivities but with a slight variation – he trades stagecoaches with trains.

The transition from robbing stagecoaches in the 19th-century wild west to robbing trains at the turn of the century exhibits a fascinating and quiet character study. Through the dignified and melancholic performance of Farnsworth, the film presents Miner as a gentleman bandit struggling with the changing times while maintaining his kindness and respect towards the society he robs.

Jackie Burroughs plays the role of a feminist photographer named Kate Flynn who shares an unlikely romantic relationship with Bill. They form a bond over their seemingly transgressive nature against society's conventions, allowing the film to explore the profound resonance of human bonds. Burroughs offers an outstanding performance that not only defines the character strength of Kate but also creatively showcases the evolving societal roles of women in the early 20th century.

The Grey Fox is enveloped with beautiful cinematography that captures the evolving American landscape during that era. Bringing the Pacific Northwest's breathtaking imagery into life, cinematographer Frank Tidy brilliantly uses natural light to paint a picturesque landscape portraying raw, rugged beauty that echoes the themes of the film.

Philip Borsos, the director, employing an uncommonly steady directorial hand, relies on the narrative's eloquence and the beauty of the landscapes onscreen. His ability to focus on the subtle nuances of the character's life and the people around him conveys a real authentic snapshot of that historical period while creating imagery that is both soothing and imposing.

Critics have appreciated the film, particularly for its beautiful representation of the historical period and the excellent performances by the lead actors. The patience and depth of the storytelling have notably gained the acclaim of many viewers. Known to be among the top-tier Canadian cinema products, the film was inducted into the Toronto International Film Festival's Canada’s Top Ten list under the top ten Canadian films of all time in 2015.

The film also earned multiple awards and nominations. Farnsworth was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor and won numerous other awards for his stellar performance. A critical and commercial success, The Grey Fox blends the rugged backdrop of the American frontier with the themes of redemption, longing, and inevitable change.

The Grey Fox was successful in achieving a delicate equilibrium between a western film, a character's study, and a historical portrayal. It remains, even decades after its release, an elegant and memorable film chronicling a criminal's quietly transgressive life, trying to find his place in a rapidly changing world. Despite Miner's criminal toggling between old and newer crimes, viewers are likely to find themselves rooting for this quiet, gentle bandit as he navigates through the new world. The Grey Fox is a film that holds this fascinating duality of being a historical film and a timeless journey of self-discovery, purpose, and the pursuit of a life less ordinary.

The Grey Fox is a Western, Action movie released in 1982. It has a runtime of 110 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.3..

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