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The Good Doctor is a compelling drama and thriller movie that was released in 2011. Starring the charismatic Orlando Bloom, the beautifully talented Riley Keough, and the magnetic Taraji P. Henson. Directed by Lance Daly and set in a hospital, The Good Doctor explores themes of power, control, obsession, and the human capacity for self-deception. The central character of the movie is Dr. Martin Blake, portrayed by Orlando Bloom. Blake is a young, ambitious, British medical doctor engaged in his residency in Southern California. He deeply desires to impress his superiors, but despite his best efforts, he finds himself facing criticism and failure as he struggles to fit into the American hospital setting. Missing the respect he expects from his peers, he feels alienated and overlooked, a predicament that fuels his desperate need to be admired and respected in his profession. One day, he meets a young patient named Diane Nixon, a role powerfully played by Riley Keough. Overcoming a kidney infection, Diane draws Blake's attention and admiration, and he quickly becomes deeply interested in her. He sees in her a chance to prove himself as a competent and caring doctor, fulfilling his desire of admiration from his colleagues and superiors. However, Blake's obsession towards Diane does not stop at the purely professional level. As he starts to feel his control over her health, Blake's medical rationality begins to dissolve into something more sinister. He makes questionable decisions that escalate the situation and involve him directly in Diane's life far beyond his role as her healthcare provider. His obsession with his patient greatly intensifies, crossing professional boundaries and leading him down a dark and dangerous path. Taraji P. Henson plays the part of Nurse Theresa, an experienced and compassionate nurse also serving in the hospital. She gets suspicious about the unusual interest Blake shows in Diane. Theresa's growing doubts and observations add an extra layer of tension in the movie as she becomes more aligned with the truth of Blake's dire intentions. The Good Doctor can be seen as a character study of a man whose desire for control and recognition becomes consuming, leading him to make ethically and morally questionable decisions. It offers insightful criticism into the power dynamics and potential abuses that can occur in the medical profession. Daly's directorial style brings out the complexity of these themes, employing a slow-burning narrative mode, visually creative and muted tones to highlight the claustrophobic feeling and a tense atmosphere throughout the movie. Bloom delivers a captivating performance, depicting Dr. Blake as a character who is equally compelling and discomforting. It's a far cry from the familiar heroic roles that Bloom has become known for, offering viewers a chance to see him in a different light. Keough brilliantly portrays a character who is vulnerable yet resilient, managing to retain a degree of innocence throughout her troubles. Henson, on the other hand, gives an accomplished performance, embodying the role of the supportive and skeptical nurse with nuance and strength. The supporting cast, which includes Michael Peña and Rob Morrow, further adds to the drama's credibility and commitment in portraying authentic realities of hospital life. While it might not be an easy or comfortable film to watch, The Good Doctor uses its premise to make the viewers question where the line between care and control gets blurred. To sum up, The Good Doctor is an intriguing exploration of obsession and the misuse of power from a fresh and distinctive angle. It touches upon ethical dilemmas while constantly challenging the viewer's empathy for its flawed protagonist, making it a must-watch for individuals interested in psychological dramas and medical thrillers. While some audience members may find the subject matter psychologically distressing, others may appreciate the film's exploration of complex themes and nuanced performances. The Good Doctor is not just a thriller; it's a cautionary tale about the lengths to which one might go in the pursuit of power and recognition.

The Good Doctor is a Drama, Thriller, Mystery movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of 93 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 52.

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