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The i Inside is a psychological thriller movie from 2004 that is directed by Roland Suso Richter. The movie is a labyrinthine story of a man named Simon Cable (Ryan Phillippe), who wakes up in a hospital bed with no recollection of how he got there. The story begins as Simon finds himself trapped in a surreal reality where time seems to be distorted. As he tries to piece together his memory, he realizes that he has been in a coma for two years after a car accident. With no family, friends, or loved ones to help him, he becomes restless and eager to know the truth behind his condition. As Simon goes through his reclusive life, he meets a woman named Anna (Sarah Polley) who claims to be his sister. Anna tries to convince Simon that he has been in a coma for two years and is now experiencing a lucid dream. Simon is suspicious of her motives, but as he begins to have memories of his past, he is forced to accept that Anna may be telling the truth. As the movie progresses, the story takes a twist as Simon realizes that he is actually dead and his soul has been trapped in his comatose body. He is struggling to accept this reality and trying to understand what led to his death. The movie deals with themes such as identity, grief, and existentialism. As Simon goes through different levels of consciousness, he becomes more and more introspective, forcing viewers to confront their own notions of life and death. The movie also explores the limits of the human mind and the possibility of alternative realities. The idea of a parallel universe is presented in the movie, as Simon's consciousness is trapped between two different timelines. This adds to the complexity of the story, making it more intriguing and thought-provoking. The performances of the actors are commendable, especially Ryan Phillippe's portrayal of Simon, who is struggling to come to terms with his own death. Sarah Polley as Anna embodies a sense of mystery that keeps the viewers engaged. Piper Perabo, who appears in a minor role as a nurse, also delivers a noteworthy performance. The cinematography of the movie is impressive, with the use of blue and green hues creating a dreamlike aura that adds to the surreal nature of the movie. The use of close-up shots and handheld cameras gives a sense of intimacy, making it easier for viewers to relate to the characters and their emotional journeys. The music, composed by Alastair King, is haunting and elevates the mood of the movie, adding to the psychological tension and drama. Overall, The i Inside is a highly engaging movie that keeps its audience at the edge of their seats. It is intelligently written, with twists and turns that keep the viewers guessing till the very end. It is a movie that challenges your perceptions of reality and forces you to explore the depths of your own consciousness.

The i Inside is a Thriller, Mystery, Science Fiction, Drama movie released in 2004. It has a runtime of 90 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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Roland Suso Richter
Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Polley, Piper Perabo, Stephen Rea, Robert Sean Leonard
Also directed by Roland Suso Richter
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