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S.M.A.R.T. Chase is a thrilling 2017 action-adventure film that blends nail-biting suspense, exhilarating stunts, and innovative storytelling. Directed by Charles Martin, this British-Chinese co-production brings together an exciting ensemble cast led by the charismatic Orlando Bloom, the talented Lei Wu, and the veteran actor Simon Yam.

The narrative follows Danny Stratton (Orlando Bloom), a down-on-his-luck private security agent operating out of Shanghai, who struggles to make ends meet due to a tarnished professional reputation. Having been disgraced in the line of duty a year ago while protecting a valuable Chinese antique, Stratton now grapples with the aftermath, drowning himself in a life of obscurity and regret.

A twist of fate presents Danny with a chance to redeem himself when he is offered a high-profile job to escort a valuable antique vase out of Shanghai. This mission comes with its own set of challenges as it means confronting a notorious gang of thieves known for their ruthless tactics and superb art of deception.

Accompanying Danny on this daring mission is a colourful crew comprising J. Jaejoon (Simon Yam), an experienced and wise former operative, and Ding Dong (Lei Wu), a rookie with surprising skills and fierce determination. Each comes with their unique traits, enriching the narrative with engaging interpersonal dynamics and camaraderie amid the intense act of private security work in a city of gleaming skyscrapers and shadowy underworlds.

Orlando Bloom delivers a nuanced performance, conveying the complexities of a character who battles personal demons while marching on amid intense life-threatening scenarios. Simon Yam brings to the screen an unparalleled sense of sophistication, grounding the film with his seasoned screen presence, while Lei Wu infuses it with youthful energy and optimism.

The film's setting in Shanghai is used to stunning effect. Cinematographer Philipp Blaubach captures the city in all its bustling, vibrant, yet, at times, dangerous glory, juxtaposing old city charm with burgeoning modernity. The action sequences are executed with precision and choreographed with eye-popping stunts that defy the laws of physics. The movie thrives in its high-octane chase sequences set against the city’s breathtaking skyscape, teeming streets, and serpentine alleys.

Beyond the adrenaline rush of relentless car chases, hand-to-hand combat, and high-stakes heists, S.M.A.R.T. Chase also explores thoughtful themes like redemption, friendship, and duty. The screenplay by Kevin Bernhardt ensures viewers are offered more than just mindless action; they also receive intelligent plots and complex characters, making the viewing experience an intellectually stimulating one.

At its core, S.M.A.R.T. Chase is about Stratton's quest for redemption. However, it also traverses intriguing pathways of art smuggling in the adrenaline-fueled world of private security firms and international crime syndicates. It not only spotlights these clandestine operations but also unveils the human story behind these agents, thereby delivering an engaging blend of action and drama.

The film employs a strategic narrative structure that ensures the viewers are kept on tenterhooks, with plot twists aplenty that keep the story ticking at a brisk pace. Its tight editing and dramatic sequences offer a gripping cinematic experience that seamlessly interweaves intrigue, thrills, and emotional depth.

Martin’s dynamic direction keeps viewers absorbed from the opening to the closing credits, often leaving them guessing the next move. The palpable tension and smart storytelling, combined with a hauntingly evocative musical score, make S.M.A.R.T. chase an astonishingly engaging action film.

S.M.A.R.T. Chase displays a unique blend of high-stakes action, visually striking locales, a captivating screenplay, and remarkably layered performances, making it an action-enthusiast’s delight. It's a must-watch for those who enjoy gritty, intense, and layered action thrillers infused with humanistic sensibilities.

S.M.A.R.T. Chase is a Action, Comedy, Adventure, Crime, Thriller movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.4..

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Charles Martin
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