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In 1950, the Stone of Destiny, also known as the Stone of Scone, was removed from Westminster Abbey by four Scottish students who believed it rightfully belonged to Scotland. The theft of the stone, which had been taken from Scotland by the English in the 13th century, sparked nationalistic fervor in Scotland and became a symbol for the country's fight for independence. Stone of Destiny, released in 2008, tells the story of this heist through the eyes of Ian Hamilton (Charlie Cox), one of the four students who carried out the theft. Ian is a passionate nationalist who dreams of restoring Scotland's sovereignty. He's studying law in Glasgow and is active in the Scottish National Party when he becomes fixated on the Stone of Destiny. After learning that the stone is kept at Westminster Abbey, he devises a plan to steal it back. Ian's plan is risky and audacious. He enlists the help of three friends, Kay (Kate Mara), Gavin (Stephen McCole), and Alan (Gary Lewis), and together they travel to London, posing as tourists. They sneak into Westminster Abbey, steal the stone, and smuggle it back to Scotland. Ian is ecstatic, believing that the theft will ignite a nationalist movement and galvanize the Scottish people to fight for their independence. However, the reality is much different. The theft of the stone puts Ian and his friends in danger, and they soon find themselves on the run. The British government launches a massive manhunt, and the students are pursued relentlessly. Ian and his friends must deal with the consequences of their actions, both legal and personal. Stone of Destiny is a thrilling and emotional film that captures the spirit of the Scottish people and their struggle for independence. The film is beautifully shot, with stunning scenery of Scotland and London. The performances are exceptional, with Charlie Cox giving a nuanced and understated portrayal of Ian Hamilton. Kate Mara is equally impressive as Kay Matheson, the only woman in the group and a fierce believer in Scottish nationalism. The film does an excellent job of exploring the motivations behind the theft of the Stone of Destiny. It shows how the stone became a powerful symbolic object, representing the centuries-long struggle between Scotland and England. The film also delves into the personal motivations of the students, particularly Ian, who sees the theft as a way of proving his loyalty to Scotland and his fellow nationalists. One of the most powerful moments in the film comes toward the end, when Ian and his friends return the stone to Scotland. They place it on the altar of Arbroath Abbey, an ancient Scottish monastery, and the people of Scotland gather around it, singing "Flower of Scotland," the unofficial national anthem. It's a moving scene that captures the hope and pride of the Scottish people. Overall, Stone of Destiny is a compelling film that tells an important story about Scottish history and nationalism. It's a film that will appeal to anyone interested in political history, heist movies, or Scottish culture. With a great cast, excellent direction, and a compelling story, Stone of Destiny is a film that shouldn't be missed.

Stone of Destiny is a Drama, Crime, Comedy movie released in 2008. It has a runtime of 96 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7..

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Charles Martin Smith
Charlie Cox, Billy Boyd, Robert Carlyle, Kate Mara, Bryan Lowe, Brenda Fricker
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