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The Cincinnati Kid follows the story of Eric "The Kid" Stoner (Steve McQueen), a young and talented poker player aiming to become the best in the game. The movie is set in New Orleans during the Great Depression, where poker and other gambling activities thrived as a means of livelihood.

The Kid gets an opportunity to play against the reigning poker champion of the area, Lancey "The Man" Howard (Edward G. Robinson). Howard is renowned as the best poker player ever and is respected by all players in the game. The Kid uses this opportunity to showcase his skills and prove himself as the best in the game.

Alongside this, The Kid gets involved with a seductive woman named Melba (Ann-Margret) who adds to his distractions from the game. Melba is connected with the top men who control the gambling world in the city.

The showdown between The Kid and Howard is carefully orchestrated and anticipated by a diverse cast of characters who have their interests tied up in the game, including Shooter (Karl Malden), an experienced gambler trying to pull a fast one. Also present is Yeller (Rip Torn), a pompous and wealthy young man who wants to prove he’s as good as anyone in the game.

Director Norman Jewison does an excellent job of setting the pace and tension of the story, providing viewers with an immersive experience as characters strategize and compete. The movie contrasts The Kid's cavalier attitude towards the game and his personal life with Howard's poker mastery and stoic yet mysterious persona.

Edward G. Robinson's compelling performance as Lancey "The Man" Howard, whose character is known for his difficult-to-read poker face, adds to the tension of the game, and Steve McQueen's embodiment of The Kid is both charming and confident. Ann-Margret brings glamour to the film, luring The Kid into her web, and deeply complicating his concentration on the game.

Ultimately, The Cincinnati Kid is a compelling drama about the world of poker and the battle to be the best player, set in a uniquely realized New Orleans in the 1930s. It’s expertly crafted, visually interesting, and with stellar performances from a cast of Hollywood's finest. The film is a snapshot of an era when gambling had the potential of being immensely profitable and infinitely dangerous. The complexities of the characters and the game they play are just as engaging today as when the film was released in 1965.

The Cincinnati Kid is a Drama movie released in 1965. It has a runtime of 102 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 67.

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