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The is a family-friendly movie that emphasizes the power of intelligence, innovation, and teamwork. This children’s comedy, directed by Blair Treu, is a technological fable that weaves its plot around the boom of the Internet and the dotcom industry in the late 90s or the dawn of the 21st century.

Michael Angarano plays the key role as Matt Tyler, a young, smart and tech-savvy boy who believes he can run his father’s company more efficiently than the current management. His perspective comes from the frustration of seeing his dad, David Tyler (portrayed by Kevin Kilner), often traveling, spending more time at work than with his family and always stressed out by his ruthless boss, Alan Melbourne (Richard Fancy).

During a school field trip to a local dot-com, Matt learns about the stock market and how money can be made through stock trading. Astute and wise beyond his years, Matt decides to put his knowledge to test. When he discovers an undiscovered loophole, his entire life quickly takes an interesting and adventurous turn.

Matt's school friends, Danny (Kevin Jamal Woods) and Kelly (Vanessa Zima), join him in his quest. What may seem like an innocent team of children engaging in entrepreneurship quickly turns into a more serious endeavor. The follows the journey of these kids, who manage to make a significant impact on the corporate world while dealing with the challenges of school, parenthood, and the ongoing pressures of growing up.

The movie focuses on Matt's relationship with his father, underlining the themes of family, responsibility, and respect. David is unaware of Matt's plans and sees his son's unusual activity as a sign of rebellion. As the plot proceeds, it delivers heartfelt moments, showcasing the growth and bonding between a father and a son.

Relying on their intelligence, the youngsters creatively navigate the adult world of business, finance, and technology. Tackling and resolving various issues, they teach the viewers valuable lessons about trust, loyalty, teamwork, and the importance of family. Though aimed towards younger audiences, adults may appreciate the clever twists and turns and the heartwarming narrative.

The performances of the young actors are commendable, with Michael Angarano leading the pack. Kevin Kilner delivers a convincing performance as a concerned and preoccupied father. Richard Fancy, as the antagonist, fits well into the role of the manipulative boss. Vanessa Zima and Kevin Jamal Woods add additional spark to the young team of entrepreneurs with their performances.

Throughout the 90-minute runtime, humor is sprinkled in to keep things light and entertaining. The director, Blair Treu, who has presented numerous children's comedies, seamlessly blends comedy, drama, and technological jargons to make it enjoyable for all age groups.

The, released in 2000, is a product of its time when the internet was on the rise and the dotcom bubble was a hot topic. Despite the period-specific references, the movie remains surprisingly relevant due to its thematic essence of embracing intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit, and the power of teamwork. With respect to technical aspects, the film does well to represent computer technology and business dynamics of the time it represents.

Thus, The delivers family entertainment with a blend of humor, emotions, and adventure. It offers life lessons and business ideas through the eyes of children who are wise beyond their years. This amusing film leaves the audience with the powerful message that age is not a barrier when it comes to entrepreneurship and problem-solving.

The is a Kids & Family, Comedy movie released in 2000. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.3..

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Blair Treu
Michael Angarano, Kevin Kilner, Kevin Jamal Woods, Florence Stanley, Dom Deluise, Vanessa Zima
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