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The Baxter is a 2005 romantic comedy-drama film written, directed, and starring Michael Showalter. An Indie gem, the movie wonderfully captures the term "Baxter," which refers to the kind of dependable, clean-cut nice guy who is often dumped at the end of romantic comedies. Showalter takes on this character, delivering a fascinating performance of a person who's often sidelined in typical Hollywood love stories.

In this film, Showalter plays Elliot Sherman, an amiable, but extremely dull certified public accountant in New York City. He's the type of guy who plays it safe and doesn’t take risks, always staying within his comfort zone. Elliot is the epitome of a Baxter -- the sort of man who girls might date but eventually leave for someone more exciting.

Elizabeth Banks plays Caroline Swann, Elliot's seemingly perfect fiancée. She is beautiful, bright, and sophisticated, the kind of woman who seems too good to be true for a Baxter like Elliot. Her character embodies the cheer and optimism required to balance out Elliot's insecurities and overthinking ways.

Meanwhile, Peter Dinklage, renowned for his role in Game of Thrones, portrays the character of Benson Hedges. He is a bumbling private investigator hired by Elliot himself. Dinklage, even though he doesn't have a massive on-screen presence in the film, brings a charismatic and eccentric character to life, adding to the comedy element of the film.

The story revolves around the weeks leading up to Elliot and Caroline's wedding, which exposes the insecurities and challenges faced by Elliot. Showalter presents the complex spectrum of human relationships through everyday scenes and dialogue. Interestingly, it also brings attention to that secondary character — the Baxter — and adds depth to his story, making viewers think about him as more than just the disposable lovable loser.

The film is replete with awkward humor, which is a result of Elliot's efforts to escape his Baxter fate. It largely focuses on Elliot’s journey through self-discovery and overcoming being the typical Baxter that leads women to their actual true loves. Complemented by the urbane backdrop of New York City, the film plays out, drawing the viewers into Elliot's dilemma and his quest for understanding love.

The storytelling of The Baxter engages the audience with its dose of situational humor, charming chemistry, and emotionally charged moments. It paints an unusual perspective on the quiet guy, as you watch him battle not against external adversaries, but his own nature that has always left him to play second fiddle. It explores themes like self-awareness, acceptance, and hope, making for a heartwarming watch.

The film boasts of commendable performances. Particularly, Showalter’s portrayal of the lovable loser and his sincere performance stirs both laughter and sympathy among viewers. Elizabeth Banks adds depth and charm to the character of Caroline, making her believable and authentic. Peter Dinklage also shines in his smaller role, adding some comic relief without diluting the overall vibe of the film.

Overall, The Baxter is a soulful take on romance, making it feel real and relatable. It steps away from the stereotype of predictable romance plots and delivers an original and refreshing storyline. It’s a film that doesn’t go for grand gestures, but settles into the simplicity of everyday life and love, resonating with the viewers on a more profound level.

From laugh-out-loud moments to more quiet, contemplative scenes, The Baxter offers a unique viewing experience. With a creative storyline fronted by nuanced performances, it is an underrated movie that romantic comedy lovers can appreciate. By not trying to elevate itself into extraordinary circumstances, it instead presents the mundaneness of life and love in a way that is extraordinarily heartwarming.

The Baxter is a Comedy, Romance movie released in 2005. It has a runtime of 91 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 51.

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