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Tarzan and The Amazons is a 1945 adventure movie directed by Kurt Neumann. It is the ninth film in the series about Tarzan, the character initially created by author Edgar Rice Burroughs, and features the defining actor for the character, Johnny Weissmuller, in the leading role.

Fresh off the success of his previous work, Weissmuller magnetically embodies Tarzan with his dynamic showcase of strength, agility, and raw charm. His portrayal of the jungle hero sets him apart as an iconic figure in the film industry. Joining him on screen is Brenda Joyce, playing the talented and adventurous Jane. This is Joyce's first appearance as Jane in the series, injecting her character with a fresh perspective and a high level of energy. Completing the family trio is Johnny Sheffield who reprises his role as Boy, showcasing his ability to deliver an earnest and credible performance. The chemistry between the major characters makes for a compelling and engaging viewing experience.

Set among the verdant splendor of the African jungle, Tarzan and The Amazon unveils the untamed and beautiful Amazon community, hidden from modern civilization. The plot opens with Tarzan and his endearing family leading a peaceful existence in the jungle until Boy stumbles upon a hidden city of gold while diving for coins. This sets the story in motion, bringing the Amazonian women into the narrative and paving the way for a new chapter in the Tarzan saga.

The peaceful balance of the jungle is disrupted as greedy archaeologists hear of the city, their avarice luring them into the deep embrace of the jungle. The Amazonian women, who have existed peacefully without the intrusion of the outside world, now face the threat of their secret city becoming public knowledge.

The film does a wonderful job of navigating through the cultural clashes and touching on themes such as environmental preservation, the dangers of greed, and respect for other cultures. Tarzan, the protector of the jungle and its inhabitants, erupts into action, finding himself in direct opposition to the encroaching outsiders. The tension between the commitment to preserve the jungle's purity and the invaders' relentless pursuit of wealth forms the backbone of the story.

Tarzan's deep connection with his verdant surroundings underpins the film's story. This relationship with the jungle comes through not just in the thrilling action sequences but also in the quieter moments when Tarzan communicates with his various animal friends, showcasing the bond that he has fostered over the years. These elements add depth to the tale, allowing for an exploration of harmony between man and nature.

Thematically, the film emphasizes the importance of mutual respect for all cultures and the natural world, which is a timeless message and one of the film's great virtues. This proves the classic and enduring value of the Tarzan series, not just as an adventurous entertainment but as a relevant social commentary.

Stirring performances are coupled with remarkable production values to bring the world of Tarzan and the Amazons to life. Excellent cinematography captures the exotic sheen of the jungle and the hidden city in all their glory, while the film's expedition and rescue sequences unravel at a brisk and exciting pace. The strong, pulsating score serves to enhance the atmosphere and urgency of the situation.

Despite being a movie from the mid-1940s, Tarzan and The Amazons manages to deliver a compelling narrative that is both exciting and meaningful. It is not merely an adventure movie filled with perilous situations and daring rescues, but a film that underscores important themes of respect, integrity, and conservation, making it a must-see for adventure film enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Tarzan and The Amazons is a thrilling and substantial installment in the Tarzan series, featuring stirring performances, a culturally rich and engrossing plot, and important underlying themes that are as relevant today as they were in 1945, marking it as a timeless classic in the genre of adventure films.

Tarzan and The Amazons is a Action, Adventure, Romance movie released in 1945. It has a runtime of 76. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2..

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