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Starman is a science-fiction romance film directed by John Carpenter and released in 1984. It stars Jeff Bridges as an extraterrestrial being who takes on the physical form of a deceased human and sets out to travel to a specific location on Earth. Karen Allen plays Jenny Hayden, a grieving widow who is unknowingly drawn into the Starman's quest. Charles Martin Smith plays Mark Shermin, a government scientist who is tasked with capturing the Starman for study.

The film begins with a series of radio transmissions from NASA that are heard by an alien civilization. The aliens are curious about Earth and send a small spacecraft to investigate. The spacecraft is intercepted by a US Air Force jet and shot down. The alien inside (played by Jeff Bridges) is able to use its powers to take on the physical appearance of Scott Hayden, a recently deceased human whose DNA the alien has scanned.

Scott's widow Jenny is still grieving his loss when the Starman appears in her living room, convincing her that he is not Scott but a visitor from another planet who needs her help to reach a specific location in Arizona. The Starman explains that if he is able to complete his mission, his civilization will use their advanced technology to bring Scott back to life. Jenny reluctantly agrees to help him and the two set off on a road trip across the country.

The journey is not without challenges, however. The Starman's appearance and behavior draw attention and suspicion from locals, including a group of rednecks who attack the couple and nearly kill the Starman. Jenny and the Starman also attract the attention of the government, who view the Starman as a threat to national security and dispatch a team of scientists, led by Mark Shermin, to capture him.

As the journey progresses, Jenny and the Starman develop a bond and fall in love. The Starman uses his powers to heal Jenny's injuries sustained in the redneck attack and she begins to believe that he is not a threat but a peaceful visitor. The Starman's powers also allow him to perform miraculous feats, such as bringing a dead deer back to life and levitating objects with his mind.

The film climaxes with a confrontation between the Starman and the government scientists. The Starman agrees to go with the scientists, but only if they let him complete his mission first. Jenny and Mark follow the Starman to the Arizona desert, where he builds a spacecraft and prepares to leave Earth. Jenny and the Starman share a tearful farewell, with the Starman expressing his gratitude for her help and confessing his love for her. The Starman then departs, leaving Jenny alone but comforted in the knowledge that his civilization will bring Scott back to life.

Starman is a classic tale of alien visitation, blended with elements of romance and adventure. Jeff Bridges delivers an excellent performance as the alien who learns about the complexities of human emotion and falls in love. Karen Allen is also impressive as Jenny, the woman who initially fears the Starman but eventually grows to love him. The film's special effects, including the Starman's miraculous powers and the spacecraft, are also notable for their time. Overall, Starman is a heartwarming film with a message about the beauty of love and the power of hope.

Starman is a Science Fiction, Romance, Drama, Fantasy movie released in 1984. It has a runtime of 115 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 70.

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