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Stand On It is an action-packed, comedy-driven tribute flick that celebrates the iconic and much-loved 70's style car chase comedy. Directed and starred by John Schneider, the film also has spectacular performances by Mindy Robinson and Dion Baia. The motion picture released in 2020, pays homage to the unforgettable antics of legendary Bo Duke, Schneider’s character in the noteworthy TV series - The Dukes of Hazzard.

The narrative centers around a rambunctious yet good-hearted outlaw named Stroker Ace played by John Schneider. In essence, he is a doppelganger of Bo Duke, a character Schneider is best known for portraying. Much like his Dukes of Hazzard counterpart, Stroker is a quintessential Southern daredevil with a steadfast habit of getting himself into hot water. Although, he carries himself with an innate charm and effervescence that makes him a magnetic character.

This fast-paced joyride amplifies when Stroker, after betting a large sum of money at a charity fundraiser poker game, embarks on a cross country chase to evade the pursuit of a relentless and misanthropic Sheriff. Along for the ride is Chrissy, played by Mindy Robinson, a street-smart diva with a personality as fiery as her flaming red hair. Robinson's talents shine through and complement Schneider's wild character, adding another layer of complexity and humor to the film.

Adding a measure of genuine mirth is Dion Baia, portraying the dogged Sheriff who is hellbent on capturing Stroker for extortion and various other felonies. Baia’s portrayal of his character is reminiscent of the comic faction boss characters in the Dukes of Hazzard series. Baia perfectly captures the essence of a man driven by duty and pride, lacing it with a comedic determination that makes every encounter with Stroker a thrilling watch.

Schneider effectively tailors the 70s vibe throughout the film, giving it an authentic vintage feel. Much like the films it draws inspiration from, "Stand On It" is characterized by an impressive display of automobile acrobatics, high-speed races, and equally speedy escapes, cementing its place as a car chase classic. The car duels and chases are remarkably executed, making it visually exciting for the viewers.

The characters' use of classic cars, particularly Schneider's Plymouth Satellite, ends up becoming an integral part of the movie's charm. These vehicular protagonists contribute as much to the storyline as the human actors do, creating a bond between machine and man that only heightens the hilarity and tensions of the unfolding adventure.

From the stirring soundtrack featuring some catchy country tunes, to the cinematography, 'Stand On It' gloriously borrows elements from the time it echoes—a time when laughter, mischief, and automobiles were the quintessence of entertainment. Despite the nostalgic deference, it still strikes on its own as a light-hearted film free of the constraints of a franchise.

Stand On It brings a contemporary perspective to the nostalgia of the past's car comedy movies. The film is packed full of laughs, high-octane chases, and zesty one-liners. It doesn't take itself too seriously, yet doesn't fall into the category of mindless comedy either. It manages to strike the perfect balance for cruisy entertainment, reminding the audience of simpler times while still delivering a compelling narrative.

While the high-speed chases and law-evading escapades are at the heart of the movie, it skillfully explores the essence and charm of southern culture with the art of storytelling. It's almost as if Schneider is inviting viewers on a good ole' joyride through the back roads of the south, and to enjoy some feel-good moments.

From start to finish, Stand On It is sure to bring bursts of laughter and amusement, especially for fans of the Dukes of Hazzard series, but it stands wholeheartedly as a fun-filled movie with a captivating series of events, even for those who have not seen the series preceding it. The film delivers an enjoyable mix of nostalgia and fresh humor, succeeding in its commitment to deliver an enchanting tribute that extends beyond Schneider's Friday night legacy. Through the charm of its lead actors, impressive car directories, and a rollicking plot, Stand On It indeed succeeds in standing on its own.

Stand On It is a Action, Comedy movie released in 2022. It has a runtime of 96 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6..

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