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Because of Gracia, released in 2017, is a teen drama film that combines thought-provoking themes of faith, love, and courage with a refreshing, heartfelt narrative, stylized cinematography, and memorable performances. Directed by Tom Simes, the film features known actors such as John Schneider, Ben Davies, and Masey McLain, who manage to create an inspiring and engaging viewing experience.

As the film opens, we meet Eastglenn High’s new student, Gracia Davis (played by Masey McLain), a confident, radiant, and deeply religious girl who instantly becomes an increasingly influential presence in the school. As an open Christian, Gracia isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in, setting her apart from her peers in a society where faith isn't always widely celebrated.

Ben Davies, an actor praised for his ability to portray characters with heart and depth, plays the role of Chase Morgan. Chase is a reserved and thoughtful senior who is trying to navigate the complex world of high school. He finds his senior year further complicated when he develops a growing interest in the new girl, Gracia. Chase is drawn to her unshakeable faith and charisma, making their connection a cornerstone of the movie.

Meanwhile, film and television veteran John Schneider delivers a moving performance as Bob Prill, a biology teacher who is tasked with teaching controversial topics in his classroom. This puts him in direct contrast with Gracia's firm faith, leading to conflict and intriguing conversation within the walls of Eastglenn High.

The subplot follows Chase's best friend, OB (played by Chris Massoglia), who is dealing with an unexpected and life-altering situation with his girlfriend. The film skilfully explores this issue, making it a critical part of the narrative while providing thought-provoking content for audiences to consider.

Despite her steadfast faith, being the new girl in town presents its challenges for Gracia. School bully, Amy (played by Emma Elle Roberts), does her best to make Gracia's life difficult while trying to maintain her popularity. Amy’s jealousy starts to corrupt the school's social hierarchy, potentially leading to heartbreaking consequences.

Further adding to the tension, an anonymous joker is causing a sensation with comic strip depictions of Eastglenn High's student body and staff. The comic strip’s contents scratch beneath the school's wholesome surface, revealing its problems and challenges. These drawings become a catalyst for conflicts and growing pressures in school and within the community, provoking diverse reactions from the student body, teachers, and parents.

Because of Gracia offers a realistic portrayal of high school. It doesn't shy away from the pressures teenagers face on their journey to adulthood, including coming of age, dealing with peer pressure, confronting personal challenges and standing up for one's beliefs, and tackling controversial social and academic issues. While it confines its narrative within the scope of a traditional high school experience, it also asks deep, universal questions about faith, truth, freedom of speech, and the courage to stand up for one's beliefs.

The film’s production design authentically reflects the high school setting with customized locker-lined halls, themed classrooms, and familiar teenage hangout spots. All these serve to provide the perfect backdrop for the unfolding drama.

Musically, the film includes an excellent original score that perfectly complements the mood and tone of each scene. Whether it’s Chase and Gracia's budding relationship, the escalating conflict between Gracia and her detractors, or the gut-wrenching struggle that OB is facing, the music serves to accentuate the emotion and heighten the impact of these crucial moments.

On the whole, Because of Gracia delivers a powerful message about standing firm in one's convictions despite adversity. This film is a wonderful blend of youthful romance, high school antics, and notable discussion on faith, life, and love. It will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled with fitting in, standing up for what they believe in, or finding their purpose. With its compelling narrative, solid performances, and nuanced exploration of social issues, Because of Gracia is certainly an underrated gem that audiences of all ages can appreciate.

Because Of Gracia is a Romance, Drama movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 107 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7..

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