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Shangri-La Suite is a dark yet intriguing psychological drama which was released in 2016. The movie, also known as "Kill the King," features a stellar cast that includes Emily Browning, Luke Grimes, Avan Jogia, Ron Livingston and Ashley Greene. Directed by Eddie O’Keefe, Shangri-La Suite carefully weaves a complex narrative around two young mental patients who find themselves falling deeply into a romantic relationship within the confines of stringent medical institution.

The movie anchors on the tumultuous journey of its lead characters, rebellious young man Jack Blueblood (Luke Grimes), and the fragile but daring Karen Bird (Emily Browning). Both characters are patients in a mental institution during the 1970s in the United States. Fascinatingly, underneath their psychological turbulence is an undying love for each other, a bond that they believe transcends the ordinary. United by their shared feelings of isolation, rebellion, and hope in a confined world, they plot to break free from the oppressive clutches of the institution.

Their intended journey to freedom, however, takes a quirky and dark twist as Jack becomes convinced that they possess a divine mission to assassinate Elvis Presley, who is extravagantly portrayed by Ron Livingston. Jack's obsession with this mission, which seems delusional to others but utterly real to him, forms the crux of the movie. This peculiar quest brings an element of unpredictability to the narrative, leaving the viewers glued to their screens, curious about what comes next.

Emily Browning's incredible acting ability is at full display as she skillfully portrays Karen's complexity; a girl grappling with innocence, love, and the tough stance of rebellion all at once. On the other hand, Luke Grimes, extensively lauded for his performance, effortlessly portrays Jack's intensity and zeal, drawing sympathy for a character who is both troubled and compelling. Ron Livingston, in his role as Elvis Presley, delivers an impressive performance, capturing the iconic singer's swagger with aplomb, with a nuanced portrayal that challenges the way audiences regard the cultural icon.

Shangri-La Suite is overflowing with 70s-themed elements, bringing an old-age allure to the production design, cinematography, and costumes. The film brilliantly captures the essence of this remarkable era. Moreover, the director employs a vibrant and unique artistic style, making use of color grading techniques that lend the movie a vintage, retro look reminiscent of a well-aged photograph or a postcard from the past. This decision adds an extra layer of depth to the visual narrative, making Shangri-La Suite as much a feast for the eyes as it is an engagement for the mind.

The soundtrack is another high point of the film. It subtly complements the movie’s unique tone, combining 1970s rock and roll with more timeless orchestral pieces. The music even intertwines with the narrative, evoking raw emotions at critical points in the plot and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Another striking feature of Shangri-La Suite is its handling of more sensitive topics like mental health and how society reacts to such issues. The film doesn’t shy away from exploring the harsh realities faced by those deemed mentally unfit, making it a thought-provoking piece for audiences.

To wrap up this brief overview of the film, Shangri-La Suite is a revolutionary, unusual, and sometimes dark cinematic experience that explores love, rebellion, mental health, and the possibility of finding freedom in the most unconventional ways. This is a tale of two souls intertwined in a twisted journey, a story embossed with dark humor, surprising twists, and an unconventional mission. It’s a ride that any cinema enthusiast who appreciates layered stories, nostalgic settings, and strong acting would not want to miss.

Shangri-La Suite is a Crime, Drama, Romance movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 85 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.1..

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