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Priest of Love is a 1981 British biographical film directed by Christopher Miles. The movie is based on the life of D.H. Lawrence, the English writer most famous for his novel Lady Chatterley's Lover. The film tells the story of Lawrence's experience during World War I and the controversy and censorship his novels generated during his lifetime.

Ian McKellen stars as D.H. Lawrence, delivering an outstanding performance that captures the complexity and contradictions of the writer's personality. Lawrence is portrayed as a man driven by his passions and ideals, who struggles to reconcile his artistic vision with the norms and conventions of his time. The movie highlights Lawrence's relationships with other writers and artists, including Frieda Lawrence (Janet Suzman), Lawrence's wife and muse, and Mabel Dodge Luhan (Ava Gardner), a wealthy American hostess who supported Lawrence's work and introduced him to the bohemian circles of New Mexico.

The film is visually stunning, with breathtaking landscapes and evocative camera work that captures the essence of Lawrence's writing. The setting of the movie ranges from the peaceful English countryside to the desolate deserts of New Mexico, creating a powerful contrast between the two worlds that shaped Lawrence's life and work. The costumes and production design are also noteworthy, transporting the viewers to the early 20th century with all its glamour and elegance.

Despite the film's title, Priest of Love is not a religious movie. Instead, it explores the themes of sexuality, censorship, and artistic freedom, which were central to Lawrence's work. The film shows how Lawrence's writing was often misunderstood and vilified by the mainstream media, which accused him of obscenity and blasphemy. The movie also portrays Lawrence's struggle with tuberculosis, which affected his health and creativity, and ultimately led to his death at the age of 44.

One of the highlights of the film is the portrayal of Lawrence's relationship with Frieda, who is shown as a strong and independent woman who challenges the norms of society. Janet Suzman delivers a powerful performance as Frieda, depicting her as a complex character who is torn between her loyalty to Lawrence and her desire for personal freedom. The chemistry between McKellen and Suzman is palpable, adding depth and nuance to their characters' romantic and artistic partnership.

Another standout performance in the film is given by Ava Gardner, who plays Mabel Dodge Luhan. Gardner, who was a Hollywood legend at the time of the shooting, brings a touch of glamour and sophistication to the film, portraying Mabel as a charismatic and generous woman who appreciates Lawrence's talent and supports his work. Their scenes together are some of the most memorable in the film, showcasing the chemistry between two great actors.

Overall, Priest of Love is a beautifully crafted movie that does justice to the life and work of D.H. Lawrence. While it may not be to everyone's taste, the film offers a fascinating insight into the world of a writer who challenged the norms of his time and whose legacy continues to inspire readers and artists around the world. With its stunning visuals, powerful performances, and sensitive portrayal of its subject matter, Priest of Love is a movie that deserves to be rediscovered by a new generation of viewers.

Priest of Love is a Drama, Romance movie released in 1981. It has a runtime of 98. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1..

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