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Alternative 3: The Secret Mars Colony is a British television film that premiered in 1977. It combines elements of science fiction, conspiracy theories, and stark suspense to deliver a thrilling experience. Directed by Christopher Miles and anchored by performances from Tim Brinton, Gregory Munroe, and Carol Hazell, the film remains a fascinating avant-garde portrayal of reality blended with fiction.

The film begins with an apocalyptic premise set forth by astute journalist Tim Brinton, playing himself in the movie. He alarmingly declares that due to rampant environmental pollution, a series of events have been triggered that would ultimately render the Earth uninhabitable. The ensuing storyline unfolds around what the world’s superpowers are doing to address this crisis, revealing the conspiracy theory that brings forth the intrigue and suspense engulfing the movie.

The narrative develops around three mysterious ‘alternatives’ proposed by international powers to counteract the impending catastrophe. Greg Munroe, portraying an ambitious scientist, shed light on these alternatives for survival in the face of an alarming ecological disaster. However, viewers are mainly fascinated by the third alternative — a secret Mars colony to save humanity. A brilliant display of cerebral entertainment mixed with plausible conspiracy theories makes the pursuit of this alternative an exciting journey.

There's a global feel to the narrative, reflecting the collaborative effort of international powers in a desperate bid for humanity's survival. The film jumps from Britain to America to Russia, and of course, to the red planet, Mars.

Carol Hazell gives a riveting performance as Liz, the wife of astronaut Bob Grodin who is at the center of the Mars colony project. She adds the human touch to the narrative, reflecting fear, curiosity, and a desperate hope, matching the larger sentiment of the global population in the plot. Her heartbreaking and often mysterious journey provide the emotional depth to the film, balancing the intense scientific and political agenda driving the story.

Despite being a product of its era, the visual effects and production designs in the film are commendable. The movie's portrayal of Mars and the depiction of a potential colony are undeniably gripping and contribute significantly to the atmospheric tension. The thought-provoking imagery successfully transports you to the vast arid landscape of Mars, heightening the anticipation of the viewers.

The film's sheer audacity to combine elements of journalistic investigation, science fiction, suspense, and conspiracy theories is noteworthy. However, it's not purely a sensational conspiracy tale. The film starkly highlights the adverse consequences of environmental destructiveness causing climatic changes, a warning relevant even in the contemporary world.

The screenplay is intelligent and layered, leaving viewers to decipher the clues and hint-dropping dialogues scattered throughout the film. It leverages paranoia, uncertainty, and a palpable fear of an impending disaster to build its narrative. Furthermore, the plot is imbued with enough twists and turns, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

From a directing standpoint, Miles does an excellent job of maintaining a serious, somber tone throughout the film, imbuing it with a haunting realism. He does not hold back from exploring the darker sides of human survival instincts, adding layers to the narrative.

The film's suspenseful and partially disturbing content is complemented by an equally unsettling score that magnifies the tense atmosphere. The music adds to the film’s sense of urgency, creating a rhythm that aligns with the accelerating pace of the narrative as it rushes towards its climax.

Ultimately, Alternative 3: The Secret Mars Colony is a riveting blend of high-brow dramatic storytelling with sinister undertones of a dystopian future. Delivering a chilling exploration of human survival instincts set against the backdrop of an impending disaster, it remains a revered piece in the archive of classic British television. Its engaging narrative decorated with epic conspiracy theories continues to generate interest and debate, marking it as a truly unforgettable viewing experience.

Alternative 3 - The Secret Mars Colony is a TV Movie, Documentary, Science Fiction movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 33. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8..

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