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Perfectly Normal is a comedy-drama film that graced the screens in 1990. Directed by Yves Simoneau, it stars Robbie Coltrane, Michael Riley, and Deborah Duchene in roles that defy the stereotypical characterization we often see in movies.

The film tells the story of Renzo Parachi (Robbie Coltrane), an endearing character who lives in a world of his own and who doesn’t quite fit the 'normal' societal expectations. Renzo, an eccentric yet delightful Italian, runs a brewery in a small Canadian town. Notorious for his ale that is famous locally, he is well known by everyone in town. Yet, Renzo is different - in his actions, mannerisms, and his way of looking at the world. As viewers, we get to enter Renzo's peculiar but vibrant world, seeing its charm and quirks firsthand.

We then meet a second lead character, Alonzo Turner (Michael Riley). Alonzo is a buttoned-up type, all set and ready for the corporate world. The movie takes an interesting twist when fate brings these two strikingly opposite personalities together. The spontaneous, cacophonous Renzo and the careful, measured Alonzo start a friendship that is both unlikely and heartwarming. Despite their contrasting personalities, they somehow balance and complement each other, perfectly spotlighting the film's underlying theme - that 'normal' is relative, and there's no right or wrong way to live one's life.

As we traverse through the storyline, Deborah Duchene introduces a delightful layer of intricacy and passion to the film. Duchene plays a character who becomes a shared love interest for both Renzo and Alonzo - undoubtedly a recipe for an exciting plot twist. She delivers a solid performance, aligning with the three-dimensional persona created for her character. The dynamics that this love triangle create in the film brings a zest of suspense and anticipation that strongly holds the viewer’s attention.

Robbie Coltrane's performance in the movie is notable for his lovable portrayal of Renzo. We see him bring a piece of his Harry Potter Hagrid persona - the larger-than-life, affable character that everyone adores. On the other hand, Michael Riley's sophisticated, controlled demeanor excellently portrays Alonzo's character. The chemistry between the two leading actors is palpable and refreshing, and it makes 'Perfectly Normal' stand out from other films in the genre.

Simoneau's direction adds an edge to the movie, with every scene crafted meticulously and every character developed fully. The effortless blend of humor, drama, romance, and friendship is commendable and helps set the tone of the film. Additionally, the screenplay is intelligently written, with dialogues that are sharp, profound, and compelling.

Perfectly Normal uses its narrative to delve into the concept of ‘normalcy,’ to question societal standards, and to aim a playful jibe at the boxed personalities that society expects from individuals. The film paints a vivid picture of how it is entirely 'perfectly normal' to be different and unique, to take the road less traveled, and to lead a life that may not fit the typical norms.

The setting of the film in a small Canadian town brings a rustic, warm charm that supplements the endearing storyline. Cinematically, the movie is visually pleasing with thoughtful production design that truly brings the small-town vibe to life. The cinematography enhances the film's narrative, beautifully capturing the quiet simplicity and occasional drama of life in a diminutive town.

On the whole, Perfectly Normal can be categorized as a thought-provoking, humorous, and heartwarming film. Although it does have elements of a classic comedy, it rides high on emotions and explores the beautiful chaos of life and human connections. More than just being a film about friendship, it is about accepting oneself and others despite our differences and idiosyncrasies. It serves as a gentle reminder that the beauty of life often lies in its imperfections and that 'normal' is, after all, just a matter of perception.

Perfectly Normal is a Comedy, Music, Romance movie released in 1991. It has a runtime of 107 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1..

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