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On Dangerous Ground is a 1951 film noir directed by Nicholas Ray. The film stars Ida Lupino as Mary Malden, Robert Ryan as Jim Wilson, and Ward Bond as Walter Brent. The story centers around Wilson, a tough New York City detective who is sent to investigate a murder in the countryside. Wilson is a man haunted by his own demons and the violence he sees on a daily basis, and as he struggles to solve the case, he meets Malden, a blind woman who challenges his worldview.

The film opens with Wilson enduring another long night on the streets of New York, as he deals with the fallout of a stabbing at a local bar. Wilson is a tough, no-nonsense cop who has seen the worst of humanity up close, and he's getting burned out. His superiors send him to the countryside to help solve the murder of a young girl named Myrna, and Wilson is less than thrilled. He sees it as a waste of his time, and he can't wait to get back to the city.

When he arrives in the small town where the murder occurred, Wilson meets Brent, the local sheriff, who informs him that the killer is still at large. Brent has little faith in Wilson, who he views as arrogant and controlling, and the two men clash from the outset. Wilson is used to getting his way, but in this town, he's an outsider, and he quickly learns that the locals are not impressed by his big-city ways.

As he investigates the murder, Wilson begins to unravel the mystery of Myrna's death. He discovers that she was involved with a group of young men who were a bad influence, and that she was planning to run away from home. Wilson also meets Malden, who lives with her brother and their dog in a small cabin on the outskirts of town. Malden lost her sight in an accident, but she's fiercely independent and refuses to be seen as helpless. Wilson is deeply affected by Malden's spirit and resilience, and he finds himself drawn to her.

The two characters share some tender moments together, but their relationship is complicated by Wilson's emotional distance and Malden's suspicion of his motives. She sees Wilson as a man consumed by anger and violence, and she's wary of getting too close to him. Nonetheless, they form a bond that helps them both through their struggles.

As the investigation progresses, Wilson is forced to confront his own demons. He sees the same ugliness and violence in the countryside that he sees in the city, and he begins to question his own role in perpetuating the cycle of violence. He also learns that the killer is closer than he suspects, and that his own life is in danger. Wilson and Brent must work together to catch the killer before he strikes again, and they face a race against time to bring the murderer to justice.

Overall, On Dangerous Ground is a powerful film that explores themes of violence, redemption, and the search for meaning in a chaotic world. The film is beautifully shot, with stunning vistas of the countryside contrasted with the harsh reality of the city. The performances by Lupino, Ryan, and Bond are all top-notch, and the chemistry between Ryan and Lupino is particularly strong. The film's message about the need for compassion and understanding is timeless, and the story is as relevant today as it was when it was first released. On Dangerous Ground is a classic film noir that should not be missed by fans of the genre, and it stands out as one of the best films of the era.

On Dangerous Ground is a Crime, Drama, Thriller movie released in 1952. It has a runtime of 82 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 78.

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