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Night, Mother is a 1986 drama film based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name by Marsha Norman. The movie revolves around the final evening in the life of a troubled young woman named Jessie Cates (Sissy Spacek).

The story begins with Jessie, who suffers from epilepsy and depression, informing her mother Thelma (Anne Bancroft) that she intends to commit suicide that evening. Thelma tries to dissuade Jessie from doing so, but Jessie is resolved in her decision, adamant that she's reached a point where she can no longer bear the pain and emptiness in her life.

As the night progresses, Thelma frantically tries to convince Jessie to change her mind, offering her glimpses of hope and happiness that she believes Jessie can still find in her life. However, Jessie remains determined, calmly and methodically preparing for her death as her mother becomes more and more distraught.

The conversations between Jessie and Thelma explore their complex relationship and the reasons behind Jessie's choice to end her own life. Thelma is desperately trying to understand Jessie's decision while fighting against her own feelings of guilt, disbelief and anger.

The two women have a lot to say to each other in this final moment, and the way they interact and support each other is powerful and authentic. The script skillfully avoids cliche or melodrama, making the audience understand the pain of both characters and the inevitability of the outcome.

The acting in Night, Mother is excellent, especially Sissy Spacek's portrayal of Jessie. Spacek conveys the complexity of Jessie's emotions with incredible subtlety, and at the same time manages to create a deeply empathetic portrait of a woman in deep turmoil. Anne Bancroft also puts in a great performance as Thelma, conveying the depth of her emotions with a remarkable restraint and nuance.

The movie is skillfully directed by Tom Moore, who manages to make the story feel deeply personal and intimate while still retaining elements of the play's theatrical roots. Moore's camera work successfully draws the audience into the story and enhances the emotional impact of the characters' dialogue.

Overall, Night, Mother is a moving and unforgettable film that explores the complicated topic of suicide with a great deal of empathy and sensitivity. The characterizations are superb, the acting is top-notch, and the dialogue is honest and raw. It's a tough film to watch at times, but it will leave a profound impression on those who do.

Night, Mother is a Drama movie released in 1986. It has a runtime of 100 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.6..

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