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Ned Kelly, released in 1970, is a stirring cinematic interpretation of one of Australia’s most notorious figures, notorious outlaw, Ned Kelly. Played by rock icon Mick Jagger, in a notable departure from his usual stage as the frontman of The Rolling Stones, the movie portrays a man considered by some to be a murderous villain, and by others, a folk hero and symbol of resistance against the British Empire.

Directed by Tony Richardson, this feature is a compelling dramatization of the life of Edward "Ned" Kelly, from his humble beginnings to his transformation into one of Australia's most enduring cultural icons. Richardson is best known for steering thought-provoking films that often broach untold histories and overlooked lives, and Ned Kelly is no exception.

The narrative unfolds in the harsh conditions of the late 19th century rural landscapes, where Ned, the eldest of eight children, attempts to carve out a life for his family while contending with the bleak economic realities of the time. Jagger masterfully embodies the character of Kelly, blending strength and vulnerability to portray a man hardened by the harsh realities of his environment. Kelly is depicted as complex, neither purely a villain nor a hero, but a product of his circumstances led down a path toward an infamous life as an outlaw.

Accompanying Jagger is Australian actress, Clarissa Kaye-Mason, who plays the role of Kate Kelly, Ned's sister. Her performance brings a depth of character to the film, portraying the woman who stood by Ned's side throughout his tumultuous journey. Their relationship and familial bond elucidate the familial ties and personal hardships that characterized Kelly's life.

Scottish actor Mark McManus adds another layer to the narrative tension as he assumes the role of Sergeant O'Neill, a potent symbol of the oppressive British presence in Australia. His character serves an antagonistic force that further complicates Kelly's plight while contextualizing the broader social and political climate of the period.

The film isn't simply about gunfights and high-speed horseback chases, though those elements certainly catalyze the narrative momentum. Ned Kelly portrays Kelly's life as a battle against social and economic injustice, reflecting the deep-seated resentment of the working class toward the British ruling class. It shops a keen sense of the disenfranchisement and rebellion that was simmering within the Australian population at the time.

Even the aesthetic decisions made by Richardson play a significant part in telling Ned Kelly's story. The stark Australian landscapes captured in the film underscore the grim existence of the working class. Meanwhile, vibrant period costumes create a sharp contrast, symbolizing the divide between the downtrodden and the prosperous. Moreover, the film's gritty, raw cinematography works well to highlight the toughness and resilience of both the land and its people.

The film's score, composed by Shel Silverstein and produced by Ron Haffkine, underlines the narrative proceedings, evoking both tension and sympathy for Kelly's predicament. The inclusion of a few folksy tunes performed by Waylon Jennings add another layer of authenticity and immersion to the proceedings.

Ned Kelly is a compelling cinematic portrayal of an outlaw's life, offering not just action, but also a deeply rooted exploration of social dynamics and resistance. It presents audiences with a gripping narrative on class divide, oppression, and the quest to break free from societal norms. Jagger’s performance, although a departure from his normal rock and roll persona, serves to bring one of Australia’s most intriguing historical figures to life in dramatic fashion.

In all, Ned Kelly offers a mix of elements for a variety of genres aficionados. There's the attraction for history buffs with its portrayal of post-colonial Australian society; action lovers will enjoy the thrilling confrontations and pursuit, and drama enthusiasts will appreciate the human story at its heart. It's a gripping film that not only entertains but also reflects on a significant chapter in Australian history.

Ned Kelly is a Drama, Action, Western movie released in 1970. It has a runtime of 106 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.0..

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