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Murder Seen is a heart-pounding thriller released in the year 2000 that takes viewers on a suspenseful journey of clairvoyance, intrigue, and the quest for justice. The movie is directed by Rob W. King and features an outstanding performance by a star-studded cast including Nicole Eggert, Callum Keith Rennie, and Timothy Bottoms.

Nicole Eggert, renowned for her roles in the 90s, plays the film's lead character, Lana Turner. Lana is an earnest and dedicated criminology student at the local university with a profound interest in crime history and its psychological dimensions. However, Lana is not your everyday student. She has an intriguing flair that sets her apart – she possesses the unique psychic ability to envision murders by touching personal belongings of the victims or the perpetrators. This unusual capability makes her character deeply fascinating and forms the crux of Murder Seen.

The plot thickens when Lana decides to participate in a college research project about reenacting criminal photos. Little did she know the thrilling journey she was about to embark upon. Through the course of the project, Lana unexpectedly visualizes a killing while recreating a chilling scene from a still picture of an unsolved murder. However, what's more shocking is that the murder she views hasn't taken place yet. Simultaneously terrified and compelled, Lana finds herself tangled in a sinister web of destiny, fears, and eerie predictions.

The key supporting character is homicide detective Carter, a no-nonsense cop, brilliantly portrayed by Callum Keith Rennie. Initially dismissive of Lana's claims, Carter's interest grows as Lana gives detailed descriptions of the crime, featuring elements unknown to the public or even the police. The interactions and dynamic between this unlikely pair fuel the suspense that drives Murder Seen and propels the story forward.

Alongside them, Timothy Bottoms plays the critical role of Professor Pollard, Lana's well-respected criminology professor. However, his character's genuine nature is shrouded in mystery, and the viewers are left to question whether his motives are as scholarly as they portray.

As the threats escalate and the visions become increasingly clear and terrifying, Lana finds herself caught in a deadly cat-and-mouse game where she must use her disturbing clairvoyant power to stop the murderer before it’s too late. After all, when you're racing against time to prevent an envisioned murder, unforeseen danger lies at every corner.

Murder Seen is a captivating tale that masterfully combines the elements of the supernatural with a crime thriller. The film's narrative construct is tightly wound, and the pace never lets up, allowing viewers to be immersed in this thriller's ambiance. The vision sequences are shot compellingly, providing an uncanny sensation that distinguishes them from the rest of the movie, thus intensifying the suspense.

The performances of Nicole Eggert, Callum Keith Rennie, and Timothy Bottoms are commendable, each bringing a depth and credibility to their roles. Eggert, in particular, beautifully captures Lana's fear, determination, and vulnerability. All the while, the film also focuses on the lonely existence of someone with a gift or a curse that sets them apart from the rest of the world.

Rob W. King’s direction is a testament to his ability to create an engaging and atmospheric thriller. The cinematography vividly captures the fear and tension associated with the plot, while the score enhances the thriller atmosphere, and the editing maintains the excitement at a razor-sharp pitch throughout the film.

All in all, Murder Seen is a compelling watch for those who relish crime thrillers with a supernatural twist. Its carefully unraveled plot and fascinating characters are sure to leave audiences on the edge of their seats. This film is a potent reminder that sometimes the line between the power of foresight and impending horror is dangerously thin, and seeing may not necessarily be believing. With its clever narrative, intense drama, and credible performances, Murder Seen will keep you gripped from start to finish.

Murder Seen is a Thriller movie released in 2000. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.1..

Rob W. King
Nicole Eggert, Callum Keith Rennie, Timothy Bottoms, Kent Allen
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