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Amanda and the Alien is a unique blend of romance, comedy, and science fiction, released in 1995 and running a length of just over 96 minutes. The moviemaking team managed to weave a delightful tale that effortlessly fuses the charm of a romance-comedy with the intrigue of an alien invasion. The plot centers around a young woman, Amanda, who becomes embroiled in the adventure of a lifetime when her life crosses paths with an extraterrestrial being.

Directed by Jon Kroll and showcasing the acting talents of Nicole Eggert, John Diehl, and Michael Dorn, Amanda and the Alien smoothly transitions through various stages of a finely tuned story arc. In her portrayal of Amanda, Nicole Eggert offers a performance that is humorous, intimate, and compassionate, all at once, making hers a standout character in the film. John Diehl plays the role of a government operative, tasked with an assignment that forces his character into a collision course with Amanda. Michael Dorn injects a fresh breath into an otherwise government functionary, playing his character to a degree of believability that adds a whole new layer to the narrative.

The movie kicks off by introducing Amanda, a young bohemian artist with an eccentric lifestyle – she's full of life, a little goofy, and has eternal positivity radiating from her. Her carefree life is flipped upside down when unexpected news of an alien escape from a government facility reaches her. This alien possesses the unique ability to shape-shift, taking the form of any living being it consumes.

Intriguingly, Amanda, on one fateful encounter, comes across this alien – not as a terrifying creature, but an attractive man. Here we get our first glimpse of the romantic undertones interlaid within the storyline, as Amanda finds herself intrigued and attracted to this extraterrestrial. Nicole Eggert shines in this role, effortlessly bringing to life the complexities and dilemmas of falling for an alien.

Caught in a cat-and-mouse chase between Amanda and the government, John Diehl's character gets in the mix. His role evolves from mere hunter to something much more complicated and fascinating as the story unfolds.

Balancing eggshell-thin loyalty and blind ambition, Michael Dorn is the very picture of a government-appointed agent. His interactions with other characters, along with his personal quest, offer a rich subplot that greatly enhances the story’s principal narrative.

Although the film stands on the pillars of comedy and romance, it doesn’t completely shy away from exploring the mysteries of the universe. The movie uses its 'alien-marked' plotline to stir thoughtful questions surrounding existence, life, and the extend of acceptance in the face of the unknown. At its core, Amanda and the Alien is an introspective looking glass focused on the human nature of acceptance, prejudice, and curiosity, viewed through the lens of an unusual romantic relationship.

Throughout its duration, the film maintains a vibrant atmosphere, peppered with lighthearted humor, and punctuated by an engaging romance that keeps viewers hooked till the end. A sense of looming danger and anticipation is carefully weaved into the plot as well, especially as the authorities close in. The culmination of these elements makes for an entertaining watch that successfully fuses the wit of a romantic comedy with the thrill of a science-fiction.

Visually, the film is as vibrant as its storyline, with locations and settings that not only add to the comedic value but also facilitate the development of suspense. The effects and creature makeup are impressively done, ensuring that despite its comic elements, the alien theme remains plausible and engrossing.

Amanda and the Alien explores unique narrative terrain with an alien love interest that opens up to a genuinely charming, humorous tale about acceptance, love, and the mysteries of existence. It’s a fine choice for those looking for a film with a lighter take on sci-fi, blended with quirky humor and a heartwarming romance. Overall, it’s a treat for the romantic heart and the science fiction enthusiast, managing to satisfy both palettes without wavering in its storytelling. Of course, the film has its quirks and does not take itself too seriously, providing the viewers with a heartily enjoyable viewing experience.

Amanda and the Alien is a Comedy, Science Fiction, TV Movie, Romance movie released in 1995. It has a runtime of 94. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.7..

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