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Mr. Superinvisible is a slapstick comedy film from 1970, directed by Italian filmmaker Antonio Margheriti. The film stars Dean Jones as a scientist named Peter Plunkett who invents a serum that makes him invisible, but with an unfortunate twist - he also becomes intangible, which allows him to pass through solid objects but also makes him unable to touch anything. Philippe Leroy plays the role of the villain, Kriminal, who steals the serum and tries to use it for his own evil purposes. Gastone Moschin co-stars as Tonino, Peter's bumbling assistant who inadvertently drinks the serum and gains the same powers.

The film opens with Peter Plunkett working in his laboratory, attempting to perfect the invisibility serum. His ex-girlfriend, Gloria, visits him to check on his progress, and Peter tests the serum on himself in front of her in order to prove that it works. The successful demonstration is short-lived, however, as Peter soon discovers that the serum has an unexpected side effect - making him intangible. Losing control of his invisibility, Peter starts to panic and inadvertently makes himself completely invisible and intangible.

Meanwhile, Kriminal, a notorious criminal mastermind and a villain with a black mask, has been watching Peter's experiments from afar and decides to break into his lab to steal the serum. He succeeds, but during his escape, his mask comes off, revealing his face to Peter and Gloria. Kriminal threatens to use the serum to destroy the world, and Peter and Gloria are left to stop him.

The rest of the film follows Peter and Tonino as they attempt to recover the serum from Kriminal and his henchmen. Using his invisibility and intangibility powers, Peter sneaks into Kriminal's hideout but is caught by his henchmen. He eventually manages to escape with Tonino's help, and the pair use various slapstick tactics to distract Kriminal and recover the serum.

Throughout the film, the humor is mostly physical and situational, with Dean Jones and Gastone Moschin displaying excellent comedic timing and chemistry. The film's set pieces are often inventive and ridiculous, such as when Tonino wears a football helmet to protect himself from Peter's intangibility or when Kriminal's henchmen are defeated by a giant inflatable elephant.

One of the main strengths of Mr. Superinvisible is its use of practical effects and stunts. Despite being made in 1970, the film's invisibility effects hold up surprisingly well, with clever editing and use of puppets and strings to create the illusion of invisible characters interacting with their environment. The stunts and physical comedy are also well-crafted, with Dean Jones and Gastone Moschin performing many of their own stunts, adding to the authenticity and charm of the film.

In terms of performances, Jones shines as the hapless Peter Plunkett, delivering a consistently funny and endearing performance throughout the film. Philippe Leroy is appropriately menacing as Kriminal, and Gastone Moschin is a perfect foil for Jones, bringing a goofy charm to his role as Tonino.

Overall, Mr. Superinvisible is a delightful and fun comedy film that stands the test of time. While it may not be the most sophisticated or intellectually stimulating film, it is a light-hearted and enjoyable romp, perfect for anyone looking for a good laugh. The film's blend of slapstick humor, inventive set pieces, and great performances all make it a must-see for fans of classic comedy.

Mr. Superinvisible is a Comedy movie released in 1970. It has a runtime of 91 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.2..

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