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Mansome is a fascinating documentary that explores the concept of masculinity in contemporary society, dissecting the pressures men face to meet societal expectations for appearance and behavior. Released in 2012, the film is directed by the accomplished documentarian Morgan Spurlock, known for his candid and confessional style of filmmaking that balances humor with thought-provoking insights.

The illustrious cast includes Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, who don't merely lend their star power but actively participate in the exploration of male grooming rituals. With their dry wit and self-deprecating humor, Bateman and Arnett's voices are as integral to the film as the diverse men featured in the documentary.

In Mansome, the spotlight turns to the expanded grooming regimes which have become a part of the modern man's lifestyle. It delves into different aspects of male grooming, from simple shaving practices to elaborate hair care, skincare routines, and even spa treatments. The documentary covers various facets of this industry, including home regimens, professional appointments, and the broader societal impact and implications of these practices.

Each interview and anecdote in Mansome presents a different man’s experiences with grooming and the societal expectations that accompany the process. The film delves into the psychology behind men's need to groom, many times resulting in poignant musings on society’s take on masculinity and the ways in which men are pushed to conform.

Morgan Spurlock uses the unique narrative structure of the film to unravel multiple dimensions of the concept of masculinity. The inclusion of diverse perspectives, from professional bodybuilders, wrestlers, and beardsmen to barbers, cosmetologists, and ordinary men, provides a comprehensive exploration of what it means to be a man in today’s world. The film shifts seamlessly between humor and sobering truths, offering a platform for men to express their insecurities, fears, and dreams related to their appearance.

While Bateman and Arnett provide the comic relief in the documentary, it's Spurlock who's behind the more serious investigation. The film presents the complex relationship between masculinity and grooming both from a commercial and societal standpoint. It probes into the booming industry of male grooming products, interrogating the varied ways that advertising cultivates and capitalizes on male insecurities. The paradox of products marketed to enhance manliness, while simultaneously challenging traditional perceptions of masculinity, is examined with subtlety.

Despite the overwhelming focus on grooming, Mansome digs deeper into aspects of self-image, self-esteem, and societal standards for men. The film touches on larger issues like how the increasingly popular rugged beard look or the trend of "manscaping" has shaped this industry, and the contradictory notions of 'manliness' it continues to foster.

One of the more remarkable aspects of this documentary is the balance struck between humor and serious social commentary. Mansome allows its audience to laugh at outrageous beauty regimens and the more exaggerated aspects of masculine vanity while simultaneously acknowledging the legitimate pressures men face in their quests for social acceptance and success.

What sets Mansome apart is its juxtaposition of entertainment and education. The documentary is funny, relatable, and engages the viewer in its exploration of male beauty standards. It leaves the audience thinking – about society, about gender, about the role of the media, and about how insecurities are universal and not confined to one gender alone.

Overall, Mansome serves as an insightful, funny, and often touching exploration of what it means to be a physically attractive man in the 21st century. It presents a diverse range of perspectives regarding masculinity and the expectations that society places on men. Ultimately, Mansome encourages viewers to think critically about gender norms and the impact of societal standards on the individual's self-perception. It's a film that doesn't shy away from challenging traditional notions, all while taking its audience on an entertaining and unconventional journey.

Mansome is a Documentary movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of 84 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 35.

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