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Living in a Big Way is a classic romantic comedy film released in 1947, directed by Gregory La Cava and showcases the legendary talents of Gene Kelly, Marie McDonald, and Charles Winninger in the lead roles. Renowned for its delightful storyline, energetic dance sequences, and unforgettable comedic moments, the film is a sterling example of Hollywood's golden era.

The storyline of Living in a Big Way revolves around a discharged World War II veteran, Leo Gogarty, played by Gene Kelly. Blessed with a charming personality and a knack for landing in unpredicted situations, Kelly's portrayal of a soldier navigating his way back into peacetime society is endearing and heartfelt. Returning home from the war, he finds himself married to a woman he barely knows, the high-society beauty, Margaud Morgan, enacted by Marie McDonald, as a result of a past inadvertent agreement that he could not recall clearly.

Following his return, the romantic comedy takes a twist as Leo discovers his wife is somewhat aloof and is not particularly eager to be married. Margaud swiftly deserts him, leaving him alone in a lavish but empty mansion. Charles Winninger delivers a humorous side role playing Denny, a skilled contractor with a heart of gold, who befriends Leo after a chance encounter.

A beautiful twist in the tale arises when Leo crosses paths with Margaud's three neglected stepchildren who are living in a guest house across the street unbeknownst to them that the mansion is their legal property. Leo takes the children under his wing and his caring attitude infuses the narrative with heartwarming scenes that display a different side to his character. His relationship with them adds a layer of emotional depth and humanity to his character, further complicating the dynamics of his relationships. Regardless of being a war veteran, Leo explores his path from being a carefree bachelor to an unexpected father figure, in the maze of a bizarre marriage and other entanglements.

Marie McDonald perfectly portrays Margaud with an aloof elegance and brings out her complexity with nuance. Her nonchalant attitude towards Leo combined with her ignorance about her stepchildren's lives adds a sense of sharp conflict to the narrative. She displays multiple facets of her character as she navigates through evolving relationships and unpredictable situations.

Adding to the compelling storyline, Living in a Big Way features astounding musical numbers choreographed and performed by Gene Kelly himself. These energetic and lively performances serve as beautiful interludes encompassing the entire narrative in a rhythmic symphony. The iconic Leo Gogarty dance sequence on a huge construction site and the delightful routine full of playful antics involving children are highlights that will stay etched in your mind even after the film ends.

The film stands tall on the chemistry between Gene Kelly and Marie McDonald, and their comedic timing, along with their stunning performances. Their on-screen interaction strikes a perfect balance between humor and emotion, making it an engaging watch. Of significant note is Charles Winninger’s performance as Denny who adds sparks of comedy and stirs laughter on various occasions with his sincere and skilled portrayal. His camaraderie with Kelly expands the film's emotional depth, incorporating comical scenarios which have become classics over the years.

Living in a Big Way acts as a satirical post-war social commentary with its underlying plot of a returned soldier trying to fit back into civilian life. The predicaments faced by Leo paint a picture of the confusion and uncertainty that enveloped society's atmosphere during the post-World War II era. It successfully veils these serious aspects with a light-hearted comedic veneer, making the whole narrative more engaging and balanced.

In summary, Living in a Big Way is a classic film that offers a perfect blend of romance, comedy, intricate dance sequences, and complex characters, all set against the backdrop of a post-second world war environment. The outstanding performances by Gene Kelly, Marie McDonald, and Charles Winninger make this movie a memorable experience, providing not just entertainment, but a touching exploration of various human relationships, responsibilities and an insightful glimpse into the post-war social era.

Living in a Big Way is a Comedy, Music movie released in 1947. It has a runtime of 103. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1..

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