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Les Girls is a delectable classic of the golden age of Hollywood cinema, released in 1957. The movie, directed by George Cukor, is a comic musical masterpiece that represents the charm and glamour of the time. The film features a star-studded cast, including the charismatic showman Gene Kelly, the expressive Mitzi Gaynor, and the enchanting Kay Kendall, who all bring a special lustre to the screen.

The film commences with its appealing curved text opening credits promising a Paris setting. Right from its start, the movie’s premise beckons viewers with an interesting precept: there are three sides to every story. Through this line, Les Girls invites the audience into a universe of varied narratives, perceived and recited differently by its individual characters occupying the same space and time.

The narrative of Les Girls is cleverly crafted through the use of a flashbacks and different perspectives. It revolves around a former dance troupe, led by the compelling Gene Kelly, who shines as Barry Nichols, an American vaudeville performer, choreographer and manager of a nightclub in Paris. Barry formed 'Barry Nichols and Les Girls', an exciting female song and dance trio, consisting of Joy, Sybil and Angele, portrayed impressively by Mitzi Gaynor, Taina Elg, and Kay Kendall respectively, who all have their unique dance styles and personalities, lending an interesting dynamic to the ensemble.

The crucial catalyst in the storyline is a libel lawsuit, spurred by a scandalous, autobiographical novel written by Sybil Wren, played by Kay Kendall, which details the adventurous behind-the-scenes life, including the love entanglements and feuds, of the the 'Les Girls' troupe. As a result of these revelations, each girl gives her own recount to the court, trying to justify their actions and clarify misunderstandings, resulting in a riotous courtroom saga, which forms the backbone of the narrative of Les Girls.

Gene Kelly's magnetic charm and dance talent is beautifully mirrored in his dance sequences with each of the 'Les Girls' in their solo numbers, showing the excellent chemistry with his co-stars. Mitzi Gaynor's character, Joy, brings in the innocent vulnerability, Taina Elg's Sybil holds a certain sophistication, while Kay Kendall's Angele adds a remarkable comic relief.

An absorbing feature of Les Girls is its music. The melodic tunes provided by Cole Porter, played an essential part in setting up the nostalgic and romantic mood of the movie. The songs like "Ça, C'est L'amour" and "Ladies in Waiting" are so meticulously woven into the narration that they underline the distinct personalities of the leading ladies and the period-accurate ambience. The array of creative costumes, designed by legendary Orry-Kelly, adds to the appeal and visual delight of the film.

The film's cinematography, by Robert Surtees, further highlights the mesmerizing beauty of the Parisian cityscape, thereby contributing to the compelling arc of story, unfolding in a city known for its bohemian culture, poetic streets, and eternal romance. The director George Cukor, known for his deftness in handling romantic comedies with multiple female characters at the center, brings out the most authentic performances from his leading ladies, without letting each one outshine the other, thus giving every character their much-deserved spotlight.

Les Girls is a perfect blend of comedy, drama, and light-hearted romance that not only portrays the realities of show business, but also delves into the personal dynamics of its main characters. It serves as a refreshing, charming, and entertaining glimpse into friendship, loyalty, love, and jealousy, narrated against the backdrop of the exhilarating world of dance and music. More than just a musical, this film is a storytelling marvel that successfully blends separate narratives into one engaging tale.

Les Girls is a special film, a classic that endures, owing to its unique storytelling, unforgettable performances, heartwarming music, and captivating dance sequences. It is a must-watch for lovers of classic cinema and musicals, promising an unforgettable, melodious, and visually stunning narrative that represents the golden age of Hollywood at its finest.

Les Girls is a Comedy, Music, Romance movie released in 1957. It has a runtime of 114 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6..

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