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Last Woman on Earth is a 1960 post-apocalyptic science fiction film, directed by the renowned Roger Corman and written by the talented Robert Towne who also played a significant role in the movie. The film's main ensemble includes Betsy Jones-Moreland as Evelyn, Antony Carbone as Harold, and Robert Towne (under the stage name Edward Wain) as Martin.

In keeping with other Corman films of the era, Last Woman on Earth is noted for its low budget, thoughtful storytelling, and its distinct utilization of atmosphere and locations. The film showcases a fascinating exploration of human dynamics and survival instincts, triggered in the aftermath of global catastrophe, making it an interesting, character-driven piece for followers of classic cinema and the science fiction genre.

The plot unfolds during a vacationing couple's trip to Puerto Rico. Harold Gern (Antony Carbone), a successful business tycoon, and his beautiful wife, Evelyn (Betsy Jones-Moreland), find themselves accompanied by Martin Joyce (Robert Towne), Harold's lawyer, on a scuba diving excursion. An unusual and unexpected incident occurs while they're underwater – they surface to find that every other living person seems to have mysteriously disappeared, killed by a temporary lack of oxygen in the atmosphere that somehow they managed to avoid while underwater. This event effectively thrusts the trio into an intense battle of morality, survival and a unforeseen love triangle that promises to keep viewers on tenterhooks.

The trio subsequently grapple with their new reality. A suspenseful, tension-filled drama ensues as the reality of their predicament settles in, becoming the prominent backdrop of their interactions. Tensions mount, loyalties are tested, and old feuds resurface as they wrestle with the concept of being the last humans on earth.

Betsy Jones-Moreland's performance in Last Woman on Earth is especially compelling. As the titular "Last Woman," Evelyn's character evolution in the bleak, post-apocalyptic world is a central part of the film. Evelyn transitions from the pampered wife of a wealthy businessman to the object of attraction in a volatile love triangle, and finally to a woman who must discover her own strengths and survival instincts in this new world. This layered performance by Jones-Moreland adds considerable depth to the movie.

Antony Carbone and Robert Towne (Edward Wain) also deliver praiseworthy performances. Harold's abrupt transition from being a wealthy businessman to struggling for survival is portrayed skillfully by Carbone. Towne similarly impresses in depicting Martin's transformation from the seemingly innocuous lawyer to a man caught in the crosshairs of survival and desirability.

Notably, the film was shot in Puerto Rico, and the team made excellent use of the tropical setting. The setting is almost a character in its own right, affecting the mood and circumstances of the plot significantly. Whether the cast is navigating through lush forests or negotiating the deserted cityscape, the location serves to heighten the mood of isolation and eeriness that pervades the story.

The screenplay by Towne, bolstered by Corman's direction and Floyd Crosby's cinematography, injects a sense of impending doom and eerie unease that makes Last Woman on Earth a compelling sci-fi thriller. The film explores several themes, including male rivalry, power dynamics, and the human instinct for survival, carefully unfolding through an intricate dynamic between characters that holds the viewers' attention and keeps them invested in the tale.

While the general theme of an apocalyptic future has been explored across different media, what sets Last Woman on Earth apart is the dramatic depth and complexity in its simple narrative. The movie's exploration of human relationships, moral ambiguity, and challenges of survival amidst chaos gives it a unique charm and sets it apart in the realm of classic science fiction cinema.

In conclusion, Last Woman on Earth is a monumental relic from 1960's science fiction, which, despite its low budget, managed to carve a unique narrative style and story that has been influential for future filmmakers. Its thought-provoking exploration of post-apocalyptic survival, power, and human relationships make it a must-watch for fans of classic cinema and the science fiction genre.

Last Woman on Earth is a Science Fiction, Drama, Mystery movie released in 1960. It has a runtime of 71 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.8..

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