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Jaws 3, often referred to as Jaws 3-D due to its third-dimensional cinematic release, is a chilling aquatic thriller film from 1983. This sequel to the infamous shark attack film series "Jaws" is directed by Joe Alves, who was the production designer on the first two films in the series. Although it maintains the prototypical man-eating shark motif, Jaws 3 takes a unique detour, transporting viewers from the open waters of Amity Island to a Floridian aquatic amusement park – SeaWorld.

In this intense narrative, Dennis Quaid stars as Mike Brody, the eldest son of Martin Brody, the shark-battling police chief in the first two Jaws films. Mike is now a mature engineer for a marine amusement park, a markedly contrasting and seemingly safer setting. Bess Armstrong appears as his girlfriend, Dr. Kay Morgan, the park's senior biologist, while Simon MacCorkindale plays Philip Fitzroyce, an audacious hunter and underwater photographer.

Jaws 3 signals new waters, both in location and tone. Mantaining the original stakes of a colossal great white shark at sea, it moves to the confined spaces of an amusement park, raising the prospect of a more controlled situation. However, this delusion is quickly shattered as the shark takes advantage of the park's man-made spaces, setting the stage for terrifying chases and entanglements that are too close for comfort.

SeaWorld, with its state-of-the-art underwater tunnels and large aquariums, provides a refreshing contrast to the vast ocean of the earlier movies. The amusement park's incredible sea creatures and wonderful attractions feature front and center, and they serve as a marvelous display around which our characters' lives revolve. This fascinating backdrop also propels the film's suspense as the great white shark infiltrates the amusement park.

Inevitably, nature takes its course and, instead of marine creatures, it’s the patrons and staff members who become prey. The action-packed narrative unfolds as Mike, Kay, and Philip band together, using their collective knowledge of engineering, marine biology, and hunting to confront the terrifying threat that has besieged their underwater Eden.

One unique production aspect of Jaws 3 is its initial release in 3D, a popular trend during the early 1980s. The 3-dimensional effects were primarily used for underwater scenes and shark attacks, enhancing the feeling of realism and danger. This gave audiences a palpable sense of being there, submerged in the water, amplifying the tension and fear.

John Gulager's cinematography offers viewers an unnerving perspective on the action, shifting eerily between tranquil underwater blues and the shock of bloody red attack scenes, heightening the sense of suspense. Coupled with Alan Parker's riveting score, the plot maintains the terror and intensity that the "Jaws" franchise is notorious for.

While some fans of the franchise argue that the original film's psychological horror and implied danger have been substituted with a more straight-up creature feature, others savor this new direction. The brilliance of Jaws 3 lies in its ability to once again transform the perception of sharks from awe-inspiring creatures of the deep into our darkest nightmares, reminding us of our vulnerability when confronted with nature's unrivaled power.

Despite being the third installment in the series, Jaws 3 stands as a film in its own right - leaning into its larger-than-life premise, cascading from one thrill to another. The watchful, ominous presence of the menacing shark lurks throughout, making for a heart-pounding cinematic experience. For lovers of suspense, action, and marine life, Jaws 3 offers a captivating fusion of all three elements. It's a testament to the terrifying allure of the deep and the persistent thrill that the 'Jaws' franchise continues to offer.

Jaws 3 is a Thriller, Horror movie released in 1983. It has a runtime of 99. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 27.

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