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It Had to Be You is a romantic comedy's delight that was released in the early 2000s. It starred the golden trio; Natasha Henstridge, Michael Vartan, and Michael Rispoli. Each actor brings their unique talent and quality acting to make this movie a memorable one. Exploring the complex dynamics of serendipity, love, conflict, and personal growth, this film dives into the humorous, unexpected, and often confusing stages of human relationships.

Marvelous Natasha Henstridge, known for her roles in various sci-fi thrillers, breaks the mold in this film by portraying the role of Anna Penn, a headstrong alluring woman who knows exact;y what she wants. Anna is an executor of the multi-million dollar Penn Hotels, a fast-growing chain run by her family. Foreign to the world of taking orders and conformity, Anna's rule-bending character is portrayed perfectly with occasional traces of vulnerability.

The sophisticated Michael Vartan plays the character of Charlie Hudson, an accomplished writer who's as charming as he is intelligent. The character of Charlie boasts of a perfect blend of modernity and traditionalism. Abiding by old-school romance, Charlie is a man who believes in the magic of love and cherishes the little things in life more than materialistic insecurities.

In the midst of all this, Michael Rispoli's character Freddie, a traditional Italian New Yorker, comes across as an exciting addition, adding more shades to the basic, two-figure romantic comedies.

The plot of 'It Had to Be You' is designed as a light-hearted yet significant docking at the pier of love and destiny. As fate intertwines the lives of Anna and Charlie, both successful individuals yet poles apart, they find themselves drawn into a whirlpool of emotions which neither can fully comprehend. As they are about to take the life-altering leap towards getting married to their respective partners, their paths collide, setting off a domino effect that brings unexpected complications to their lives.

Their meet-cute occurs under the most ordinary circumstances, but from that point forward, their lives are never the same. The spark that initially fuels their relationship, threatens to burn out of control as Anna and Charlie find themselves unable to resist each other, even as they try to hold on to their existing commitments. This surprising diversion of the heart brings immense chaos, stirring up delightfully tricky situations that keep the audience hooked throughout the movie.

Rispoli's character Freddie is integral to the tale and brings an incredible balance of humor and wisdom, preventing the story from sliding into melodrama. His unconventional approach to life and love adds a certain zest to the narrative and creates an unexpected counterpoint to the main characters' more conventional worldviews. His part in the plot, though not central to the romantic unfolding, brings a distinct flavor and texture to the cinematic narrative.

Set against the backdrop of an everyday city life in New York and some beautifully picturesque sceneries, 'It Had to Be You' snares the reality of personal dilemmas, and the startling pattern of destiny in a strikingly relatable, and emotionally charged undertone. The scoring and music selection of the movie further enhances the overall emotion-packed ambiance while drawing attention towards the distinct features of each character.

An unforgettable aspect of 'It Had to Be You' is the remarkable performances by the trio. Henstridge's portrayal as Anna is candid and realistic. She manages to captivate the audience by demonstrating the stresses and expectations of a modern-day woman. Vartan's portrayal of Charlie is charming and relatable, from his elements of doubt, to the underlying power of lingering love, he becomes the epitome of the modern romantic lead. Rispoli adds the perfect spice to the ensemble with the character Freddie, shaving off the heaviness with his impromptu humor and wit.

In essence, 'It Had to Be You' is a beautiful intersection of love, fate, and the comedy that comes with human fallibility. It leaves audiences with a warm feeling in their hearts, reminding them that love can be found in the most unexpected places and under the most precarious circumstances. It proclaims the message that sometimes, in the journey of finding one's self, one may stumble upon their soulmate; because after all, it had to be them.

It Had to Be You is a Comedy movie released in 2000. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.6..

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